Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 17)

“This young master has good eyes, this is a rare item that my husband brought from the Peace Yearning Kingdom a few days ago.  In order to get this bell, my husband even almost lost her life.” The lady boss of the stall had endless praise for the bell.

Chu Nan Xian’s lips curled and he placed a gold ingot on the table.

He took the bell and his slender fingers moved softly as he gently placed the bell onto her waist.

Luo Qing Chen looked at the turquoise jade before looking at the bell on her waist, asking in a confused manner, “Why are you giving me a bell and not this jade!”

The jade of her heart!  He didn’t want a jade of this quality and wanted a bell instead!

Moreover, why did the lady boss not praise this jade and only praise the bell!

Could it be that she didn’t look like someone with money?

“This is a Falling Cherry Bell, a treasure of the Peace Yearning Kingdom.  The bell rings just like spring water. Now no matter where you go, I will be able to find you.”

Chu Nan Xian said this very casually, but her heart skipped a beat from his words.

There were some times when being loved was good, but it was also scary.

She was afraid there was one day when he would stop or wouldn’t be able to give love anymore.

She felt that if she was spoiled like this every day, every minute, and every second, wouldn’t she become spoiled!?

“Nan Xian——”

“Un?”  He looked up slightly and looked into her misty eyes.

After that——


Began to!


“What…..what is it?”  He anxiously stroked her head as his other hand softly patted her back, “I’ll get the jade if you don’t like the bell, don’t cry……”

After he said this, she began crying even harder.

It wasn’t grievance, but rather it was a wonderful feeling.

After a while, he carefully took the bell at her waist, but she instantly tightly grabbed it.  She wiped the tears off her face with her sleeves and said, “This is the bell you gave me, you can’t take it.”

“Didn’t you…..not like it?”

“Who said that.”  She softly stroked the bell at her waist and revealed a sweet smile as she said, “I can’t love it enough.”

Really, she couldn’t love it enough.

Whether it was the bell or the person in front of her.

“Young master, young miss.”  When they were prepared to leave, the lady boss recovered from seeing the gold ingot and quickly came forward with the turquoise jade as she said, “You’ve given me too much, how about you also take this jade as well!”

Chu Nan Xian’s lips slightly curled.  When he was about to take the jade, Luo Qing Chen stopped him.

She looked at the jade before saying with a faint smile, “The colour of this jade is indeed a rare thing, but since I want this bell, I only want it.”

It was just like her, liking a person, she only liked that one person.

She could clearly feel the hand of the person beside her tremble.  He instantly turned his hand around and tightly grasped her hand.

So being able to hold the most important person in his life like this, it felt this nice……

A tragic song came from the drums in the distance and a water green sleeve danced around, seeming like it was singing to every lover.

And when they came to the play stage, there was another man that came to the little stall.

He was wearing a golden set that was completely inlaid with gold and decorated with eastern beads.

He slowly picked up the turquoise jade and his lips curled to reveal an enchanting smile, “It seems like our tastes are similar.”

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