Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 16)

“Young master, why must you go to Floating Wind Mountain even though your body isn’t good?”  Nian Nian was helping Chu Nan Xian pack up his clothes as she said, “Moreover, I’ve heard that the Evil Monarch’s Court is a very terrifying place.  If anything were to happen to the young master and princess consort, what would Nian Nian do?”

“Puchi——”  Luo Qing Chen heard this and couldn’t help laughing before saying, “Nian Nian at most will just be buried with us, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Ah——”  Nian Nian was frozen in place and didn’t dare move at all.

After a while, she looked at Luo Qing Chen with a bitter look and said, “Don’t scare Nian Nian, Nian Nian has a fragile heart.”

Chu Nan Xian was bringing out the things that Luo Qing Chen might use while saying with a faint smile, “You can tell.”

“But…..”  She rested her head on her chin and carefully looked over Chu Nan Xian as she said, “Nian Nian’s words aren’t without reason.  If you don’t go, King Chu won’t make it hard on you. I can just go as your representative.”

Chu Nan Xian was a bit surprised.  He tightly knit his brows and after a while, he said, “If you go alone, I won’t be assured.”

Last night, he used his other identity to divine some things and saw some things of the future.

Although they were vague images, he didn’t want to be careless with anything concerning her.

Luo Qing Chen gave a slight nod.  She looked into his sparkling eyes that were as deep as water, showing her nothing at all.

“Then are you also not assured when I go out alone?”  She pursed her lips. Her eyes sparkled with a clear glow and her slightly pursed lips had a pure kind of cute to them.

He moved over to her side and looked down at her with his bright and deep eyes as he said, “Yes, I’m not assured.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the glow in his eyes and couldn’t help feeling a bit warm.  It was like a long time ago, this wasn’t her first time seeing this kind of gaze.

It gave her a sense of yearning and indulgence.

“So I’ll have to be with you no matter where I go?”  She softly took his hand and shook it. There was a faint blush on her white cheeks and her eyes were incomparably honest.

“Yes——”  He raised his hand to stroke her little head and his eyes were filled with pampering as he said, “I’ve heard that there is a performing troop passing through the capital tonight and they have many shows, want to see it?”

Although he had said that he wanted to give her everything he had, he still wanted to give her a bit of surprise and excitement. 

“Of course!”

Her heart was filled with joy.  Everyone said that dating was the best method for increasing affection!

Then watching a play together was definitely one of the best choices.

After lunch, they both decided to leave Nian Nian and the two of them headed out.

Although Nian Nian stood at the gates of the Heart Palace with an aggrieved look for a long time, they still didn’t have the desire to even look back at her!

The streets of the capital were truly lively.  There were hawkers on the streets with their stalls, there were merchants moving about, and there were children playing in the streets.  Everything looked so warm and beautiful.

“This looks good.”  She hooked his hand as she came to a small stall.  She looked over it and picked up a piece of turquoise jade.

Her previous piece of jade had been stolen by some crown prince, causing her to feel bad for several hours.

She definitely had to buy another jade this time, one that would match her moon white dress.

Chu Nan Xian stood beside her and casually picked up a white bell.

The bell was white as snow, with a pink tassel hanging down on the side, giving it a delicate feel.

Softly shaking it, there was a clear ring.

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