Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 15)

Yu He suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.  She knew that Chu Bei Ye would misunderstand, but she didn’t know what to say.

“What?  Could it be that it isn’t like what this king said?”  Chu Bei Ye saw that Yu He wasn’t responding and his voice became a bit louder, as well as filling with a sharp might.

Yu He immediately kneeled down and said, “The maid that returned from the Great Palace said that princess consort Qing said that if anyone from the Youth Palace comes find her, she won’t see a single one……”

“What?”  Chu Bei Ye roared out in disbelief.  He walked back and forth in the room as he said, “What does she mean by this!  You wouldn’t be telling this king that she’s really fallen in love with that sick and weak king?”

“Peng, peng——”  After that, Chu Bei Ye threw the porcelain vase on the table to the ground before saying to Yu He, “Go back to the Heart Palace again to tell Luo Qing Chen that this king will be waiting in the hidden library for her tonight.”

No matter what, Yu He couldn’t even get into the gates of the Heart Palace and could only helplessly go back to report.

That night, Chu Bei Ye could be described as difficult.  Seeing how angry Qian Chu Yue acted, his more waves surged inside his proud heart.

In a mysterious and ancient place, covered in pale blue light, this was a place that both nobles and commoners had to respect.

——Evil Monarch’s Court.

The Spirit Chamber of the Evil Monarch’s Court was filled with white glowing beads and inside each bead was a transparent thing, which were things that people had used in exchange.

As for what they exchanged for, no one knew.

At the beginning of each month, the Evil Monarch’s Court would open their doors once.  Those with fate could enter and those without were stopped by the Thunder Gate’s, not being able to take a single step in.

There was only one person with fate that could enter each month and sometimes there was no one that entered at all.

As night came, the only elder of the Evil Monarch’s Court Shu Gu lit a moon lotus lamp before saying in the direction of some white smoke, “The pavilion head’s aura is very different tonight.”

Since the new pavilion head took over the Evil Monarch’s Court with his two souls and six spirits, the Evil Monarch’s Court had been becoming stronger.  The elder Shu Gu had followed the old pavilion head for many years, so he definitely had some experience and a strong cultivation. Naturally he could feel that the aura of the pavilion head was different tonight.

There was a trace of happiness to it.

“Un.”  A cold spiritual voice softly drifted through the Spirit Chamber.

The Spirit Chamber was filled with blooming begonias and these flowers were very different from the ones in King Chu’s Manor.

This was a place with spiritual energy gathered and taking in heaven and earth essence all day, they finally formed flowers.

“The winter of October is approaching, so that old emperor is probably going to bring that vulgar crowd to greet the pavilion head again.”  Shu Gu’s voice was a bit old, but there was still a bit of disdain that could be heard.

After all, the current emperor’s throne was given by the Evil Monarch’s Court.

What was exchanged was a hundred thousand soldiers from the capital and thirty years of the current emperor’s life.

Everyone knew that there were only a hundred thousand soldiers in the capital and they frightened the entire world.

“Un.”  He softly responded.  The white as smoke souls and spirits shook before golden light exploded and the begonia petals flew out.

After a few seconds, there was only a faint laugh.

Shu Gu was stunned.  This was his first time hearing the new pavilion head giving an “un” sound and even leaving this beautiful sounding laugh…….

Early next morning, the King Chu Manor had received an edict from the emperor.

In three days,the emperor’s royal family will be presenting three bows and nine kowtows to the Evil Monarch’s Palace of Floating Wind Mountain, showing their sincerity to the gods.

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