Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 13)

“I……Nian……Young master……Aiya——”  Nian Nian was clearly embarrassed by her direct words.  She could only lower her head as she kept rubbing her completely red face.

After a while, there was noise that came from outside the carriage.  It seemed like King Chu was back.

Luo Qing Chen opened the curtain and saw Chu Bei Ye come back with a tired look on his face, as well as Qian Chu Yue whose eyes were about to fall out from staring.

“How are the results of today’s hunt?”  King Chu’s serious voice sounded out, having a kind of prestige to it.

“Reporting to King Chu, according to the marked arrows, it should be young master Nan who has shot the most prey.”

“What?  That weak and illl……”

Chu Bei Ye wanted to keep going, but seeing King Chu’s rather unhappy face, he closed his mouth.

“Not being a good person, only having a strong mouth.”  King Chu gave a cold snort and didn’t say anything else as he left with a flick of his sleeve.

She knew what King Chu meant.  Chu Bei Ye was too small hearted, he couldn’t take on any important tasks.

“It seems like some people aren’t happy with this Pine Mound Mountain hunt!”  After her cold eyes swept over Chu Bei Ye, she closed the curtain to the carriage.

Chu Bei Ye narrowed his eyes and watched the carriage leaving.  He tightly clenched his fist and said through gritted teeth, “What you want, naturally this king knows.”

Luo Qing Chen was just acting this way to attract his attention!  He understood and since it was like this, he could only be a bit warmer to her, so she would obediently do things for him like before.

But there was an intriguing throb in his heart, like an urge to possess something.

The carriage ride was bumpy, but Luo Qing Chen was in a good mood.

Although she didn’t send the male and female supporting lead to hell, but she increased the hatred with them which wasn’t bad.

“Princess consort Qing, do you think that King Chu will make young master go to more hunts since his result was so good today!”  Nian Nian said in a worried voice, “The young master’s body can’t handle that.”

“Silly Nian Nian, how could King Chu not know that although these marked arrows had the master’s name, I was the one who shot them!”  Luo Qing Chen felt that Nian Nian didn’t really use her brain and shook her head with a bit of heartache.

“Royal father was just using this to suppress him a bit.”  A faint smile was on Chu Nan Xian’s lips. His eyes affectionately fell onto Luo Qing Chen and he wasn’t willing to look away.

“Master, don’t you think that I’ve performed a great merit this time?  Do you want to reward me a bit?” She pursed her lips and looked at him expectantly.

“Qing Qing doesn’t need to tell me if you want something.  As long as you want it and as long as I have it.” His white as snow fingers stroked her head as he said, “I can give it all to you.”

“Master, why are you this good to me!”  Luo Qing Chen innocently blinked and her lashes slightly trembled.  Her lips curled into a smile as she said, “You’re not afraid that I’m lying to you?”

She really wanted to know, why did this youth have such deep love?  Looking into his deep and gentle eyes, she suddenly regretted asking this question.

“I am.”  He looked up slightly and his incomparably serious eyes looked at her as he said, “So if you are lying to me, lie to me a bit longer!  This way you can stay by my side even longer.”

His voice was very soft, but there was an indescribable firmness to it.  When that soft voice passed into a person’s ears, it filled them with a numbing sensation.

Not to mention that those gentle as water words made people’s heart tremble.  Her heart couldn’t help beating as fast as a little deer!

“God——”  Nian Nian to the side looked at Chu Nan Xian with wide eyes filled with disbelief as she said, “Young master can flirt this openly!  This is Nian Nian’s first time hearing this!”

“Qing Qing.”  Chu Nan Xian completely ignored Nian Nian and looked at her as he said, “The idea you had of marrying Nian Nian to a good family, I think it’s not bad.”

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