Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 11)

“Master, want me to call that girl over?”  Since Bai Si saw his master looking that girl not far away without saying a thing, he asked this.

Jun Yao Chen’s ink blue eyes narrowed dangerously and seemed to say to himself, “She is the girl who joined the King Chu Manor a few days ago?”

“Yes.”  Bai Si replied with a bow.

The ‘wrong marriage’ of the King Chu Manor from a few days ago, he had also heard about it.  But his intuition was sharper than King Chu’s, so he had secretly investigated if this matter was a true accident or a man made accident.

But he just wasn’t interested before.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t now.

Luo Qing Chen came out of the woods and seeing that her arrow marks had surpassed Chu Bei Ye’s, she set off in another direction.

But she never thought that after walking for a bit, she would actually see someone fighting!

WTF?  Should she run, run, or run?

Right!  Run!

She wasn’t some female hero, she wasn’t someone righteous.  What was this, she definitely wouldn’t head over!

Thinking of this, she whipped her horse and prepared to go across the small path to the side.

But she never thought that there was an assassin with a bow in the bush by the small road whose target was a black clothed person not far away.

“Die——”  With a mad roar of rage, an arrow flew out at Jun Yao Chen.

Whether it was the direction or the angle, this arrow would definitely hit.

In an instant, Luo Qing Chen gritted her teeth.  She had the idea that saving a person was like building a seven layer pagoda, so she quickly fired an arrow from the back of her horse.

There was only a ‘xiu’ sound as that arrow hit the enemy’s arrow without missing at all.  In the end, that arrow landed in a tree trunk not far away.

After that, Bai Si raised his bow to fire at the bow wielding assassin.  By the time he dismounted and headed to the bush by the small path to check, he saw that person had already committed suicide by biting his tongue.

“Master, all the assassins have been taken care of, only there wasn’t one left alive to get information from!  What should we do next……” Bai Si came forward and wanted to report, but he found his master ignoring the wound on his arm and walking step by step towards the girl not far away.

Luo Qing Chen felt the person walking towards her having a very strange aura, having a very domineering feel to every action he made.

“This miss is truly skilled in archery, this one is filled with admiration.”  Jun Yao Chen narrowed his deep eyes which had a charming look to it and he curled his lips into an evil smile.

She felt her breathing stop.  That person’s aura was this strong, it made people’s hearts unable to stop beating fast.

“Ha, ha, ha——”  She just gave an awkward laugh before saying with pursed lips, “The grace of saving a life, it’s only a small matter, there is no need for thanks.  We’ll meet again if there is fate!”

After saying this, she turned her horse around to leave.

After that, Jun Yao Chen suddenly grabbed her reins.  Those slender and smooth hands slowly reached out and drops of blood fell onto her white cloths, looking very prominent.

“You…..”  Luo Qing Chen was a bit surprised.

In an instant, he pulled the jade pendant from her waist.  His lips curled into an incredibly evil smile as he said, “We will meet again.”

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as she watched him leave in a slight daze.  There was a vague uneasy feeling that spread through her heart that made her feel very depressed.

System, who is he?  His stats weren’t in the introduction panel!  How can someone just appear and you don’t give me any information at all!

[Jun Yao Chen, Eastern Palace’s Crown Prince.]

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