Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Weak king’s seventh princess consort (Part 10)

She didn’t say another word and picked up a bow from the back of a horse, instantly pulling back the bow string to fire an arrow at Qian Chu Yue.

“Ah——”  She gave a scream as an arrow flew at her hand without deviation.  It pierced through her clothes, but didn’t touch her skin.

Qian Chu Yue’s legs kept trembling.  Because of her extreme fear, she fell onto a tree trunk.

“You…..You actually dare……”  Qian Chu Yue’s trembling voice wanted to curse out, but she never thought that Luo Qing Chen wouldn’t give her that chance.

She picked up another arrow and fired it out as fast as lightning, perfectly shooting it at her other hand.

This scene was like a little rabbit being pinned to the trunk of a tree.

After that, she took out two more arrows and shot them where her calves here, still piercing her clothes and not touching her skin.

Seeing Qian Chu Yue who was spread like a ‘大’ character, Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled and she looked very satisfied.

“Luo Qing Chen, doing this to this princess consort, I will definitely have King Chu punish you!”  She bit her lip. Although her face was void of blood because of her shock, her eyes glared at Luo Qing Chen filled with rage.

“Oh?  Punish me for what?”  She took an apple from Nian Nian’s plate and walked to her step by step.  She placed the apple on her head and said while blinking innocently, “Are you injured?  You haven’t been injured, so who can punish me?”

She turned around as soon as her voice fell and took an arrow that she nocked into her bow pointing at the apple on Qian Chu Yue’s head.

“No…..don’t!”  Qian Chu Yue’s voice was trembling so much that she couldn’t speak complete sentences.  Her eyes became bigger and she kept shaking her head.

But she didn’t dare shake too hard because she was afraid that if the apple fell, Luo Qing Chen’s arrow would stab her head.

“Qian Chu Yue, I advise you to act more properly, otherwise……”  There was “xiu——” as the arrow flew out of the bow and penetrated the apple without any deviation.

“You will have the same fate as this apple.”  Her cold eyes narrowed. It was like a mountain storm that filled the air of the entire surrounding area with an ice cold feeling.

As soon as her voice fell, she mounted her horse and took the arrows with Chu Nan Xian’s mark before turning to say to Nian Nian, “Take care of the master, I’ll be right back.”

Chu Nan Xian knit his brows and walked over to the horse she was riding before softly stroking it.  Then he looked up at her to say, “Be careful.”

“Relax, I’m this powerful.”

“But I don’t want you to be this powerful.”

If she was this powerful, he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

“If I’m powerful, it means our master is powerful!”  She gave him a faint smile and it seemed like there was only this youth in her eyes.

Those clear and flowing eyes, it seemed to melt the worry in his heart.

The marked arrows were arrows without heads, meaning that it could prevent destroying most of the cute animals being hunted and it also avoided hurting people during the chaotic hunt.

Ye Yu Xi’s head turned and she flew off into the woods of the Pine Mound Mountains.

It had to be said, the system’s skills are truly heaven defying!  These five hundred exchange points were worth it!

She casually shot an arrow and landed a target.  Rabbits and deers seemed to charge towards her arrow.

In less than an hour, the number she had hunted was far above the others.

King Chu couldn’t help revealing a look of admiration when passing her.  He couldn’t help sighing as he said, “Only you can match Nan Xian. Please take care of him for this king in the future.”

“Definitely.”  She gave a slight nod and a warm glow sparkled over her face.  She was completely different from the person hunting in the woods just now.

But she didn’t know that since she came to the Pine Mound Mountains and shot those three consecutive arrows, there had been someone’s gaze that had been on her the entire time.

They had never left her.

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