Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: Mu Qian Liu side story (Part 1)

Blade glow dyed with dust, it becomes mild and gentle in that moment.  At the end of a crowd, the smile is still the same. ——Mu Qian Qiu.

In my life, there has never been any worry.

Until that day in a corner of the office.  I looked down through the glass floor and saw a girl in a goose yellow sweater.

Her hand was very fast and also very sharp.

With my super 5.4 super vision, I saw her in game name.

It was the same server as me and she played a male character named Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust.

That name was not unfamiliar to me, but it also familiar.

This was because she didn’t belong to a combat guild and she never hunted in the wild before.

The only chance I had to face her was in the tournament a month ago.

I always looked forward to that day, but in the final match, she had never appeared.

I calculated it later on and she should have been working overtime that day.

When we met again, it was in the twenty people [Rock Hammer Soldiers] battlefield.  She was calm in the center battle circle, freely switching between forms and actually living under my calculated big move.

This was my first loss since I started playing this game.  But, this loss was given to her, I felt it was very worth it.

I didn’t think anything at that time, I just thought about queuing for another battlefield.

If I queued for another battlefield, perhaps I could see her again.

As expected, the heavens didn’t betray me and gave me what I wished for.

She and I were on the same side this time, I immediately planned on pulling her into my team.  Putting Sweet Smile into the first part was completely a diversion because I didn’t want to give her any chance to decline.

Even if she didn’t change to light form to heal me, I would protect her to the end.

In this [Rock Hammer] battlefield, as long as I didn’t die, she wouldn’t die.

After that, I saw Demonic Year Young Master argue with her in the horn channel for a Nurse.  Demonic Year Young Master said that she stole her contracted, but her tone was always light, not confirming or denying it.

I couldn’t guess what kind of person she was.  She was clearly a cute girl, but she had everyone believe that she was a cold and overbearing man.

I didn’t think of myself as a high profile person, so I just watched by the computer for now and didn’t immediately speak up for her.

Only when Demonic Year Young Master brought a crowd to surround her in the Imperial Capital did I finally give up the so called principle.

A single [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] to teach them how to be people!

But I never thought that when Demonic Year Young Master kept slandering her, she actually said that she liked men……

So, was she saying that she liked me?

In that moment, my emotions completely drowned out my mind and I sent a message on the cross server chat without even thinking.  ——I’m waiting for you the Fox Contract Land.

I didn’t know if she would come, but I hoped that she would.

As fact showed, when she appeared in the Fox Contract Land, my heart couldn’t help skipping a beat.

This kind of passionate feeling, it was my first time in this life.

After I took her in my hand and made her my contracted, I felt that everything became much smoother.  There was a sense of expectation each day when I went to the office.

There were some times when I didn’t use my exclusive elevator to bump into her.  There were some times when I would go to the design department to take a look at her.  There were some times when I force her into making contact with me.

For example, I clearly knew there were the Territory Battles tonight, but I made the design department work overtime.

Actually, I just wanted to see her.  I wanted to see her, hear her talk, let her come find me to take time off!

In the end, she called me a black belly god, but she seemed quite right when I thought about it.

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