Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 48)

“Good!  Next, let us give a warm welcome to the V Group’s CEO, director Mu Qian Liu.”  After the passionate voice of the host fell, there was a warm round of applause.

Mu Qian Liu’s brows were tightly knit and he didn’t have any thoughts of going onto the stage.  He just felt like his heart was stuck in his throat and his mind was filled with fear.

“Director Mu——”  The beautiful secretary anxiously called out to him.

His cold eyes narrowed and he walked onto the stage.

“Hello everyone, I’m very glad that everyone could come to the «Heavenly Sword» anniversary celebration.  For «Heavenly Sword» to reach its state today, we can’t forget all your contributions.” His elegant voice came out of the microphone and there were shrill screams that came from under the stage.

Among them, there was naturally Ye Ying Ge who had unknowingly sat in the front row.

Her heart was sparkling and she looked at Mu Qian Liu with a fanatic look on her face, as she secretly made a decision in her heart.

Although director Mu had chased her out of the office, it couldn’t put out the fire burning in her heart.  He just didn’t understand her, that was why he was so cold to her.

In that instant, she was fantasizing about the story of an overbearing school president and a strong female lead!

That’s right!  She was the female lead!

Being chased out of the office, being tricked by that brat, being bullied by evil women.  When she had nothing, she met the overbearing school president of her life!

When Ye Ying Ge was deeply lost in her fantasies, the host’s voice sounded again.

“Director Mu, I’ve heard a bit of news.  I’ve heard that you also like you play «Heavenly Sword», right?”


“Good, then I’ll change my introduction!”  The host pumped up the crowd as he said with a smile, “Next let us welcome the number one player on the «Like Summer Flowers»’s rankings, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud!”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa——”  After some intense applause, the crowd exploded!

“Damn!  So director Mu was Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud!  I saw him in a cross server battle before, aren’t his skills too sharp!”  An expert under the stage heard this name and spoke up in an excited voice.

“God, god, god!  My male god!”

“What are you excited about, you aren’t in the «Like Summer Flowers» server!”

“He is the only DPS who had ever cut me down in the cross server Nation Battles.  It has to be known, I am the number one sandbag Nurse in the «Bamboo Rhyme Breeze» server!”


All the experts began talking, happily chatting with each other.

There were two people who were completely silent, which was Bai Yan Nian and Ye Ying Ge.

Bai Yan Nian’s expression was a bit better.  Although today was the most hateful and shameful day in his life, he could only tightly grit his teeth and not let himself make a single sound.

After all, Mu Qian Liu was not a normal person.  If he cared about the things in the past, it would be like an egg smashing into a rock, seeking his own death.

It was like being slapped continuously by someone and his face couldn’t help burning.  Even his teeth were so tight that they were close to breaking.

But what could he do?  He could only take the mouthful of blood he wanted to spit out and swallow it down.

But Ye Ying Ge was different.  When the host said the words Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, she felt like her heart was about to stop.  Her face instantly turned white and it looked like it had no blood at all, as her lips kept trembling.

“No, impossible.  How, how is this possible?”  She bit her lip as she looked at Mu Qian Liu on stage while shaking her head and muttering to herself, “How is this possible, how is this possible?”

“There is nothing impossible in this world.”  A certain person casually sat down beside her.  There was a white cap on her face and a faint smile on her lips.

It had to be said, the most dazzling thing was the beautiful canvas shoes on her feet.

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