Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 35)

“Mu…..Director Mu.”  Ye Ying Ge wanted to say something, but she had already been asked to leave by Mu Qian Liu’s beautiful secretary.

After Ye Ying Ge left, the leader of the design department quickly came over to give a polite nod and said with a smile, “Is director Mu here today to see the design for the new job?”

“No, I’m here to see someone.”  His lips slightly curled, forming an elegant smile.  He walked to the door and left a confident back behind him.

Luo Qing Chen looked at this back for a while before her lips curled into a sweet smile.

“It can’t be that we did something wrong, right?”  Xiao Chun was a bit nervous seeing this. This was her first time seeing director Mu coming to the design department, normally it would be very hard to see him.

The design department manager also had a confused look and their face was a bit pale.  They quickly said to everyone, “Our supervisor is out on a trip right now, so the design department is being managed by the big boss.  Everyone needs to be a bit more attentive, otherwise today’s Ye Ying Ge will be you tomorrow.”

Without knowing why, when she heard the leader’s serious words, she felt…..

It was funny!

This was because she knew that Mu Qian Liu had fired Ye Ying Ge for her.

That’s right!  This was confidence.


At noon, she and Xiao Chun bought some sandwiches and headed to company rest area.  It had to be said, the V Group was quite good in how they treated their employees.

The [Internet Rest Room] had everything.  Computers, sofas, and sodas and beverages, it was no different from a high class internet cafe.

As expected, the people who entered this company didn’t want to leave it!

The competition started at two and it’s said that there were over a hundred people who were participating.  In the end, the matches were being decided by draws.

Luo Qing Chen had been drawn to face Huo Yan from the audio department.  She didn’t know what kind of person this was, but she wasn’t afraid at all.

“Qing Chen——”  From not far away, a familiar voice that she didn’t want to hear rang in her ears.  She slightly knit her brows and very unwillingly turned around.

“Un.”  She gave a nod and her smile was a bit awkward.  Bai Yan Nian in front of her didn’t see it at all, rather he was enraptured in his own words.

“Although you are an original designer of the game, this game is not that simple!  Whether it is your own skills or how you link your skills, it is very important.” Bai Yan Nian had a serious face like he was a great god.  If she didn’t know what kind of person he was, she might have really been fooled by him.

“So?”  She slightly raised her brow as her lips curled into a smile, looking like she didn’t care at all.

Bai Yan Nian was stunned.  He couldn’t react at all to Luo Qing Chen’s uncaring word at all.

In his heart, shouldn’t have Luo Qing Chen said that she just casually played a bit because she thought it was fun?  Or it’s good that you can play well, I’m just having fun? Or even, I just want to see your performance……

But no matter what the response was, she shouldn’t have answered with this contemptuous ‘so’!

After a while, he said with an awkward smile, “I will protect you, don’t worry.”

“Thank you, but I really don’t need it.”  After saying this, Luo Qing Chen walked towards the competition stage without even turning back.

She had a faint smile of contempt as she walked away, as well as leaving a cold and indifferent back.

Bai Yan Nian shouted in rage in his heart!  He secretly gritted his teeth as he thought, you’ll see how handsome this brother is later!

She sat beneath the stage and was surrounded by men.  There were only duels on the stage. This kind of battle wasn’t like a team battle, there weren’t any Nurses, so the fights went by quite quickly.

A single duel took less than three minutes and the winner advanced.

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