Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 33)

Luo Qing Chen hung Ye Ying Ge’s dress in a random hallway before heading towards her office.

Who would have thought that as soon as she arrived, she would see the person she blew off last night.

He dared to come early in the morning to block her!

Xiao Chun from the same department quickly ran over when she saw her.  She looked at her with a worried expression and said, “That Bai Yan Nian who asked you out yesterday seems quite angry.  Later, have a proper talk with him.”

Hearing the tone Xiao Chun was speaking to her in, she really wanted to laugh.  It was like she was a couple with Bai Yan Nian! She had stood him up and she had to ask for forgiveness!

Please!  She was the one being chased alright?  Did she need to apologize to the one who loved her?

In Bai Yan Nian’s heart, she wasn’t someone that he truly loved.  At most, she was just a pretty vase that he brought out to give himself face.

“Morning!”  She just uncaringly went to her desk and opened her KFC breakfast while turning on her computer.  She didn’t even spare a glance for Bai Yan Nian beside her.

Bai Yan Nian had come to the design department filled with anger looking for Luo Qing Chen, wanting to see how she pitifully apologized to him.

But reality was completely different from what he imagined.  Luo Qing Chen not only didn’t mention last night’s matters, she looked like she didn’t care at all.

Being ignored like this, his words were choked back into his throat and he swallowed them down.  After a few seconds, his words changed into——

“Luo Qing Chen, did you have something last night, so you didn’t come?”

Hearing what Bai Yan Nian said, Luo Qing Chen’s heart was filled with indescribable pleasure!

“Ke, ke——”  She slightly looked up and a pair of clear eyes looked at Bai Yan Nian as she said with two coughs, “I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I took time off from yesterday’s overtime.  I went fell asleep on the sofa after going home to showed. I’m sorry, I caused you to wait in vain.”

By normal logic, she normally wouldn’t have acted weak!  After all, she felt that she was very strong! But acting weak in this scenario was the normal route.

#When the other side is filled with anger, they still need to apologize to you#

Bai Yan Nian was stunned.  Looking at her somewhat pale face, he felt he had gone a bit overboard.  When he had just came over, he seemed to have heard Xiao Chun mention that she took last night off because she was sick.

Ai, it was all his fault!  If he didn’t ask her out, she wouldn’t have had to go eat while her body was sick.

“It was all my fault, I was too careless!”  Bai Yan Nian scratched his golden hair as he said with a smile, “I wonder if I can have another chance to have a meal with Qing Chen in the future……”

“Of course……”

[System notification: The bystander is nearby.]  When she wanted to keep standing him up, the system’s notification rang in her head and cut her off!

God, you scared this treasure to death, alright?

The system helplessly made a non-existent bitter look.  It had reminded her this time because the host had always reprimanded her for not reminding her beforehand, so it decided to be a good system and remind her so she doesn’t lose affection!

Luo Qing Chen knew that Mu Qian Liu was near, so she sat up straight.  She sat in a daze for a bit and acted like she was in thought before saying with a nod, “Of course not.  It’s mainly because the design department has been very busy lately and everyone has to work overtime, I’m afraid I don’t have time.”

“That’s right, I’ve heard that your department’s «Heavenly Sword» is releasing a new job!”  Luo Qing Chen could clearly tell that when mentioning «Heavenly Sword», there was a glow in Bai Yan Nian’s eyes.

It was a glow of self confidence!

But Luo Qing Chen really didn’t know where that confidence came from, alright!?

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