Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 32)

After exhausting herself with the Territory Battle, Luo Qing Chen didn’t even want to do her dailies.  After saying good night to the great god, she crawled into her bed and went to sleep.

When she went to the office the next morning, when she was standing in the elevator, she saw a man and a woman running towards her.

The two seemed to enter the elevator at the same time and then there was a “Ding——” sound.

It was overloaded!

“Don’t you understand the old should care for the young?”  Bai Yan Nian saw Ye Ying Ge with rolling long hair, her long red dress, and her peach blossom pink high heels and he spoke in a voice filled with disdain.

“Don’t you understand ladies first?”  Ye Ying Ge had already learned to deal with Bai Yan Nian’s tone.  She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest, not planning to get out at all.

“Hey, one of you get out!”

“What is going on!?”

The other people in the elevator were impatient hearing their words, after all, they were all people rushing to work.  If they were delayed by a few minutes, they would probably be late.

Luo Qing Chen was standing in the back and she held back a laugh.  She watched this embarrassing display like it didn’t matter to her at all.

“You really are a vulgar woman!”  Bai Yan Nian spat out. He deliberately tilted his body and spilled the coffee he had just bought onto Ye Ying Ge before walking out of the elevator.

“Ah——”  Ye Ying Ge jumped back before she angrily cursed Bai Yan Nian while pointing her finger at him, “Little brat, you just wait!”

Bai Yan Nian just stuffed his hands into his pocket before looking back at her.  He disdainfully shrugged his shoulders and said, “A cup of fragrant coffee was spilled in such a dirty place, it really is a waste.”

“You…..”  Ye Ying Ge wanted to say something else, but the doors to the elevator had already closed.

After two-three minutes, the people in the elevator continued walking out.  There was only Luo Qing Chen and Ye Ying Ge left in the elevator, they seemed to be heading to the same floor.

“Hey, are you from the design department?”  Ye Ying Ge was wiping the coffee off herself while snappily saying to Luo Qing Chen, “Go to the general department to change into my spare clothes and leave your coat for me, quickly.”

Luo Qing Chen immediately revealed a confused look, alright?  Was this mentally handicapped person talking to her?

“Hey, are you deaf?  Can you not hear me?”

She just saw Luo Qing Chen reveal an awkward expression the second time around.  She turned her head and her lips curled slightly as she said, “Alright!”

After saying this, she had a cute smile as she pulled down the zipper on Ye Ying Ge’s back.  Her dress came down and she was down to her underwear.

She picked up the dress and her smile became even wider.

After that, she pressed the button to open the elevator door.  Without saying a thing, she jumped out of the elevator.

When Ye Ying Ge inside the elevator saw the door open, she took a step back like she was afraid of the light.

“You…..What are you doing?”  Ye Ying Ge never thought that an intern from the design department dared do this to her.  She pointed right at her and said, “Leave the clothes!”

“No, no, no!”  Luo Qing Chen made a petty face at her before saying, “If you have the skills, chase me!”

She planned on not doing anything and acting aloof, but the supporting female lead came to her own death, so there was no blaming her.

“You just wait for this old lady!”  Ye Ying Ge said through gritted teeth, “You should plan on packing up and leaving by tomorrow!”

“Oh?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly raised a brow and looked at the embarrassed Ye Ying Ge with a smile as she said, “I’m waiting for you.”

Her heart could only be described with one word.

That was: Satisfying!

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