Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 29)

Luo Qing Chen didn’t have time to type anything in response, the enemies was already charging at them.

Their first target were still the Nurses.

Sweet Smile, Warm Glowing Flower Wall, as well as Life Written in Water.

If they focused mainly on attacking, in less than thirty seconds, they would have all been beaten.  However, if they defended with the Nurses protecting them, they could stall for a minute.

But if it was like this, it was very easy for the enemies to stop them from inserting their guild flag into the Ancestral Dragon.

The method of taking points in Territory Battles was like in the battlefield.  The person taking the point couldn’t use any skills and they needed to stay there for five minutes.

When she saw that Ancestral Dragon was about to change colours, Luo Qing Chen’s fingers quickly pressed down on [Void Flow] on her keyboard.  She locked onto the person taking the point among several dozen people and changed positions.

It didn’t matter how long it was, taking back five seconds was still five seconds!

A group of people who wanted her head surrounded her and the rest of her team were protecting the three Nurses.  Only Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud was charging to her side.

He was stuffed with Rage Pills and firmly stood in the center of Ancestral Dragon, as he released a golden red glow from all over his body.

It was like saying, as long as anyone dared to take a step forward, he would instantly release the [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades].  He would only leave a pile of corpses and a single back.

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: Kill your way in for me.

After that, Demonic Year Young Master sent a Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall.  The two of them immediately disappeared and they were only heading in one direction, which was at Demonic Year Young Master.

After all, Demonic Year Young Master was standing there without moving, so he should probably be typing?

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud didn’t even think as he sent a large move at him, sending him flying without a single bit of mercy.

Luo Qing Chen in front of the computer slightly raised a brow.  She could feel a kind of killing intent that was coming from Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, it was absolutely terrifying.

[Nearby] Demonic Year Young Master: I’m going to fuck your mom!

Life Written in Water not far away noticed that they were both at a sliver of health, so she directly used a [Thousand Lotus Leaf Dance].  It was like there were two skates under her feet as she charged at the two of them.

There was a green light that surrounded them, healing them to full.  But the enemy were not fools and a group of people went forward to lock her with CC.  They cut off her skill and sent large moves into her face, killing her.

This entire process took less than two minutes and even Luo Qing Chen didn’t have time to react.

After that, Cold Moon Heaven Light charged into this group of people to release the [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall].  There were only two ‘peng, peng’ sounds as the scene became vivid. Countless icicles fell down in the direction Life Written in Water fell and the people who killed her all fell to the ground.

Although Cold Moon Heaven Light was playing the same class as Demonic Year Young Master, both being Void Jades, their point distribution was different.

Demonic Year Young Master purely increased his attack power, while Cold Moon Heaven Light focused on crit damage and defense penetration.

This meant that Demonic Year Young Master’s small skills hurt quite a bit, but his big moves were quite weak.

As for this [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] from Cold Moon Heaven Light, it had 100% crit chance and adding in the defense penetration, its might was simply terrifying.

[Horn] Cold Moon Heaven Light: Daring to hit my Nurse, you don’t want to live?  Come all together!

When the enemies were prepared to charge at him, the large team from «Drunken Dream Land» arrived.

Because they didn’t deal with Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s group from before, once they arrived, they were completely crushed.  Everyone was killed and they kept [Central State Ancestral Dragon].

After three minutes, the Territory Battle ended.  «Drunken Dream Land» had taken the two large points [Central State] and [Rock Hammer]

At that point, tonight’s «Like Summer Flowers» server lit up for them.

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