Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 28)

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Quickly summon the party.

The Party Summon was as the name suggested, it was the ability to summon one’s party members in one’s team.  At this time, the first team’s Sweet Smile and the second team’s Cold Moon Heaven Light were in the [Central State Ancestral Dragon], as long as one of them made the summon, the person called summon the next person.

Each person’s summon cooldown was fifteen minutes.

[Team] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Sweet, summon me.

After that——

[System] Thousand Snow Flow Cloud has used the [Party Summon] skill to call you to his side.  Yes/no?

The instant Luo Qing Chen pressed yes, she found that they were standing on the roof of the Ancestral Dragon roof, with a dense crowd of red named enemies under them.

The «Drunken Dream Land» flag had already been inserted into [Central State Ancestral Dragon], so there was a protective function.  When the «Drunken Dream Land» guild turned on this protective function, [Central State Ancestral Dragon] couldn’t be attacked for a minute.

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: We have less than twenty people now, how will we fight?

[Team] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: There is still thirty seconds left of the protection time.

[Team] Sweet Smile: The team needs at least two minutes to fly from the Imperial Capital to Ancestral Dragon, this means we need to hold here for a minute and a half.

[Team] Warm Glowing Flower Wall: So difficult!

[Team] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: There is no harm in trying.

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen calculated that the [Ancestral Dragon] protection time was over.  She directly cast [Void Flow] at the most prominent Flashy Wind Reliant Sword to switch places with him.

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud understood her thoughts, exploding Flashy Wind Reliant Sword as soon as he appeared.  Cold Moon Heaven Light and Sweet Smile quickly joined the battle.

In less than ten seconds, with the use of various CC skills and the fact that there were no enemy Nurses, Flashy Wind Reliant Sword didn’t make a single move before he was knocked to the ground.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes were quite sharp.  Killing the enemy commander first, not letting the commander see the situation and being unable to make the most accurate decisions.

For example, at this time…..

The instant she appeared with the [Void Flow], she opened the formation outside [Ancestral Dragon].  She never thought that when the enemy experts saw a red dressed loli appear, they would chase her like they had gone crazy.

Half of them stopped after chasing off the platform and the other half didn’t let Luo Qing Chen off.

Since the other side’s people had high battle power, although she had already used many dodge skills, she was still accidentally hit by several slow skills of the enemy.

She saw a group of people using Three Star Unparalleled skills on her, like they were afraid they couldn’t kill her.  They were being this ruthless, they didn’t hold back because she was a fire red loli at all!

Luo Qing Chen knew that she couldn’t run, so she instantly cast [Invincible Nirvana] to stall this group of experts for a while.

After the skill ended, she took two big moves in a row.  After using the [Soul Mirror] to remove the CC on her, she took a step back.  There was only around a thousand HP left in the HP bar above her head.

She felt that even if Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud appeared by her side, she would definitely die.

A system notification gave her hope!

[System] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has used the [Life and Death] Skill to summon you to his side.  Yes/no?

The moment she pressed yes, the experts surrounding her had disappeared!

As soon as Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud summoned her to his side, her HP was instantly healed up by Warm Glowing Flower Wall.

She felt her scalp itch because there was a dense pile of corpses under her feet.  In front were seventy-eighty red names and the group of experts that chased her just now were probably on their way back.

This really was being snatched from the jaws of death from an army of ten thousand.  Without knowing why, she was actually a bit nervous.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: I will protect you.

In a long time in the future, she would remember the first time Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud said this to her.  She just felt a feeling of being deeply moved.

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