Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 27)

Returning to the character selection screen, Luo Qing Chen went on Moubao to buy a face pinching software (Large scale 3D games allow you to pinch your face).  She changed herself into a female loli and pinched out a cute face!

[TL Note: Moubao is a reference to Taobao, which is an online shop in China.]

Little loli, round head, large eyes, long lashes, white skin, and pink blush.

This was a little lively loli beauty, this cuteness was even enough to excite her little girl’s heart.

She nodded in satisfaction and clicked the login button, as she returned to the game.

The first thing she did after logging on was open her inventory and put on the Christmas Elk Coat Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud gave her.

It was a large cloak with a green dress, two cute antlers on her head, as well as a string of bells on her waist.

She knew that she was very cute, but she didn’t know she would light up someone’s world the instant she logged on.

He never thought that the incomparably arrogant her in the game would actually buy a ‘Gender Changing Card’.  He just felt that the moment he saw her, it touched the softest part of his heart.

Mu Qian Liu in front of the computer didn’t think at all before he used the princess carry on her…..

Princess carry kiss!

Un, not bad.  This scene was much more harmonious.

A young swordsman in fire red clothes hugging an adorable little loli.  Could words describe something this beautiful?

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

Powerful, my little loli!

Luo Qing Chen looked at her cute appearance in the game as she heard the system’s notification!  She deeply realized that the 100 RMB for the ‘Gender Changing Card’ was not spent in vain.

[Horn] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Right click my image and see last year’s Christmas set, none will be cheated! (O(∩_∩)O).

Without knowing why, she just wanted to act cute.  She wanted to see Demonic Year Young Master’s reaction, she wanted to see all the onlookers’ expressions.

Her heart was beating like a little deer running.  Without knowing why, she was suddenly looking forward to it.

[World] White Windmill: Damn!  Damn!  Damn!  What is this situation?  Great God Eastern Painted changed characters?

[World] Star in the Night: (Stunned look), turned into a loli?

[World] Little Bunny in the Zoo: So cute!  This loli is so cute and her clothes are so pretty!  Ying, ying, ying, bunny loves it so much!

[World] Little Bean: Didn’t Great God Eastern Painted say that he loved men!

[World] Candy Consort: I always thought it was casually said!  God, this is breaking it?

Pu——Luo Qing Chen: The words of those onlookers are still quite sharp!

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: So disgusting, I really want to puke!

[Horn] Listen to the Wind Blowing: What?  Young Master Shameless, you’re pregnant? Ha, ha, who is it from?

[Horn] Demonic Year Young Master: Are you even a man?  Don’t talk about my wife or father will cut you up.

[Horn] Cold Moon Heaven Light: A guild that can’t even keep a single [Central State], you’re not embarrassed to talk about cutting people down!

[Horn] Flashy Wind Reliant Sword: The Territory Battle isn’t over yet, Cold Moon, aren’t you saying this a little too early?

The Flashy Wind Reliant Sword from the horn was the Light Blade who was fourth on the battle rankings, who had first class skills.  Other than losing to Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud in terms of battle strength, he wasn’t inferior in other aspects.

He was the commander of «Sword World».  He wasn’t arrogant at all and was a rather lowkey person.

[Horn] Cold Moon Heaven Light: I am at [Ancestral Dragon] waiting for you.

Ancestral Dragon was where his guild’s flap was inserted, which was also the center of [Central State]

There were only five minutes left before the Territory Battle ended.  But when «Drunken Dream Land» thought they had won, Flashy Wind Reliant Sword used the [Team Summon] Skill and opened a hidden portal in [Central State]

In that instant, three large teams from «Sword World» of one hundred and fifty people appeared in [Central State Ancestral Dragon].

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