Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 26)

But she didn’t think that much about it.  She charged out beside Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud as soon as her cooldowns came off and wildly started attacking.  The commander’s voice in YY deafened her ears, making her operating even more sharp and causing her blood to boil.

“Good, very beautiful!  We win this wave! Everyone left charge into [Central State] to take the flag and the remaining people will gather in the Imperial Capital to fight the next wave.”

Hearing the final summary of the commander, Luo Qing Chen let out a long sigh of relief.  When she was prepared to use the [Godly Thousand Miles] to fly away, there was a notification that appeared on her screen.

[Action] Player Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud has used the princess carry on you! 

After that, the man holding her using one of the only three [Heavenly Angel Wings] in the server and flew off in the direction of the Imperial Capital.

It was reasonable since there was no one around before, but now they were surrounded by people.  With those large white and blue wings coming down, it attracted the shocked ‘eyes’ of many players!

The number one great god of the server was princess carrying the number two great god of the server, this itself was considered an amazing story!

After all, this was not the story of a great god and a little girl, rather it was the strong confrontation between two great gods!

How novel was this!  How exciting was this!  How intriguing was this!

But why were both of them men?!

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: Ze, ze!  Thousand Snow, you holding Eastern Painted in a princess carrying is just too piercing for my eyes!

[Team] Life Written in Water: I feel it’s quite good!

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: @Life Written in Water, did you seriously heal brother just now!

[Team] Life Written in Water: Nonsense!  I almost died myself and still used the instant heal [Moon Rain] skill on you!


Of course, other than the team channel, there were many watchers who were chatting in the world channel.

[World] The Teasing Breeze From Once Upon a Time: Did you all see Great God Thousand Snow princess carrying Great God Eastern Painted just now?  I’ve taken pictures and I’ll PM them for free.

[World] Candy Consort: Where, where?  I want to see too!

[World] Lemon Heart: You even took a screenshot of something this eye piercing?  Is there something wrong with your heads!

[World] Rain God: @Lemon Heart, what does it matter do you!  Little dog that wants love from Young Master!

[World] Demonic Year Young Master: Rain God, he, he!  After this Territory Battle, young master will use the [Thousand Mile Chasing Wind] to make you cry.

The [Thousand Mile Chasing Wind] was an item in the market used to track someone.  After finding them, one could directly go to that place and turn on red name to kill them.

As the name suggests, it was a tool used for chasing people down!

[World] Rain God: Ai, ai, ai, come!  I waiting in my guild hall for you, come to my guild if you have the skills!  No face Young Master!

[World] Only Love Young Master: Young Master, don’t argue with them.  I really am glad that I am with you and not with some transvestite.

[World] Demonic Year Young Master: Un, dear wife.

What was this?  Transvestite?  Daring to say that she was a transvestite!

She simply couldn’t accept this!

[Host, they aren’t completely incorrect, you are indeed using a male character right now!]  The system’s cold voice said something that she wasn’t prepared for.

Damn!  Broken system, has Demonic Year Young Master been feeding you!  You’re actually speaking up for him!


Luo Qing Chen calmed the anger in her heart and heavily typed a few words on her keyboard!

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: I’m logging off for a bit, I’ll be back soon.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Alright.

After saying this, she opened the market and quickly bought a ‘Gender Changing Card’.  She right clicked the item and immediately exited, returning to the character selection screen.

If they said she was a transvestite, she wasn’t worthy of this title if she continued using a male character!

Come, let’s make it!

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  1. The only remotely realistic aspect of this arc to actual MMOs is gender and name changing. If they had different races that can be changed too. In free to play you have to pay to do that.

    Otherwise, everything else about this… Ah…I not very realistic to how actual MMOs work… It’s like the author wanted to dabble in fantasy BL without getting caught by the CN morality police.?

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