Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 22)

She arrived at home at seven thirty.  She had bought a cup of bubble tea and directly went into her bedroom.

Opening the game, she saw that someone had contacted her as soon as she logged on.

Moreover, it wasn’t a normal PM and was the contracted channel.

[Contract] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Come on YY, there are commands.  Room 2000520.

[Contract] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Alright, wait a bit.

Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug, signaling that a battle guild was troublesome!

The most interesting part of «Heavenly Sword» was the Territory Battle.  If one won the Territory Battle with more people, the richer their rewards would be.

She had been in a casual guild before and never participated in this kind of battle, but now it was different.

There were three large points and eight small points in the Territory Battle.

The three large points were: Central State, Eastern Sea, and Rock Hammer.

As for the eight small points, they didn’t matter for now because the strongest guilds mainly focused on the large points.

Of the three large points, the most important was Central State.

Therefore a good phrase in «Heavenly Sword» was: The one who own Central State are the rulers.

It had to be said, although Demonic Year Young Master himself was a noob, his command of «Sword World» was quite strong.

For a large scale battle, a good commander could decide the direction of the battle.  Stealing a point also involved strategy.

There was no information on Territory Battles in the original host’s memories, which meant that this Territory Battle was her Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust’s first!

After downloading YY, she casually came up with an ID before entering the room number Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud gave her.

It had to be known, her ears were deafened as soon as she entered.  The entire YY chat was filled with deafening music that was loud and passionate.

[Guild] Cold Moon Heaven Light: Experts with over four hundred and fifty thousand battle strength enter the first group.  Those with over four hundred thousand enter the second group. The rest will enter the third group.

In this game, a team could have at most fifty people.  Luo Qing Chen clicked on Cold Moon Heaven Light’s image to join the first group and Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s words appeared as soon as she entered the group!

[Team] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Cold Moon, put Eastern Painted in the same party as me.

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: You are openly abandoning me!

A party had five people.  Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s set party had: Cold Moon Heaven Light, Autumn Twilight Glow, Warm Glowing Flower Wall, and Sweet Smile.

Two Nurses and three DPS allowed them to enter the enemy’s line without being hurt.

[Team] Sweet Smile: I’ll go to the second team!

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: No, no, no, you are Thousand Snow’s set Nurse.  Sweet, you stay on the first team! As someone who is alone, I’ll go to the second team!

After he said this, Cold Moon Heaven Light put himself onto the second team!

After that, the suddenly notification surprised Luo Qing Chen.

[Team] Player Life Written in Water has joined the party!

Ha?  When did Ye Qing Mo come to «Drunken Dream Land»?

But it was right after she thought about it.  Since she had broken up with Demonic Year Wong Master, there was no meaning for her to stay in «Sword World».

[Team] Life Written in Water: Eastern Painted, let’s go and kill him!

At this time, the commander Cold Moon Heaven Light pulled Life Written in Water into the second team he was on.

After adjusting the teams, he didn’t forget to add something.

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: As a Nurse, take care of healing me, alright?  Brother won’t just bring you to kill a single Demonic Year Young Master, brother will bring you to kill the entire «Sword World»!

[Team] Warm Glowing Flower Wall: Puchi (awkward expression)!  Cold Moon, when did you become this shameless!

[Team] Cold Moon Heaven Light: This moment!

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