Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 15)

[Horn] Star in the Night: Let me use a horn like a tyrant!  Simply an explosion of handsomeness!

[World] Strawberry Filling: I only submit to Great God Thousand Snow’s handsomeness in Like Summer Flowers and he doesn’t use it to tease girls!

[World] Different Firework: Why do I feel that Great God Thousand Snow and Great God Eastern Painted’s couple pairing is very strong!

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 30%.]

Ah?  Affection!  Powerful Great God Thousand Snow!

It had to be said, this affection increase was very strange!  The great god’s affection actually increased by something random someone watching said!

But, the most important thing she should pay attention to was Demonic Year Young Master lying on the ground!

He was sent to the Resurrection Array and disappeared without a trace!  Then he instantly opened his powerful mouth!

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Demonic Year Young Master: You all wait for father!

[World] Lamb Lamb Lamb: Damn!  Demonic Year Young Master went up to the cross server chat, are they going to start fighting?

[World] Lemon Heart: Aiya!  Young Master is so handsome!  He really is my Young Master!

[World] Strawberry Filling: Yours?  Ha, ha, ha, shouldn’t it be time for that person called Only Love Young Master to speak up?

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: Waiting for you.

[World] Different Firework: Damn!

[World] Lamb Lamb Lamb: My god!

[World] Little Bunny in the Zoo: God!  Great God Thousand Snow is helping Great God Eastern Painted go into the cross server chat!  My little girl’s heart is about to pop out!

[World] Baker: @Little Bunny in the Zoo, what little girl’s heart when it’s two guys!

“Pu——”  Luo Qing Chen saw the interesting conversation in the world chat and couldn’t help laughing.

[World] Only Love Young Master: All of you, stop arguing…..This is all my fault!  It was my appearance that caused troubles between Young Master and big sister Life Written.  I’ll delete my account, sorry, everyone…..

[World] Lamb Lamb Lamb: Delete.

[World] Candy Consort: Please delete.

[World] Different Firework: Quickly delete.


[World]  Demonic Year Young Master: Who cares about the shit of a group of trash like you!  A group of weak people like you can’t even compare to a single scrap of father! Baby, don’t listen to them, I’ll protect you!

[World] Lamb Lamb Lamb: (Manual vomiting)

[World] Demonic Year Young Master: Father still has something to say, Life Written in Water, you slut!

[World] Lemon Heart: That’s right!  They are all working together to slander Young Master!

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Sorry, I have to disappoint you.  After all, I like men.

Her eyes narrowed and her smile became even wider.  After all, she could never give up walking the path of the great god!

Then she had to start fast and early!

[Cross server/Pastor in the Clouds] Snowy: Summer Flowers’ high level fighters are so strong!

After that, the world also exploded!

[World] Little Bunny in the Zoo: Wa, wa, wa, Great God Eastern Painted actually!  Pu!  So direct!

[World] Rain God: Could it be great god likes me?!  Although my battle power is a bit lacking, I am quite burly in big life!  The most important thing is that I’m willing…..Do you understand!

[World] Candy Consort: @Rain God, where is your shame?

[World] Rain God: For the great god, I don’t want it!

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: To be honest, I like a great god who has a higher battle strength than me.

[World] Different Firework: God!  Great God Eastern Painted, you are too amazing!

[World] Lamb Lamb Lamb: This is my first time hearing someone make BL sound so beautiful……

[World] Only Loving Beautiful Legs: I support Cloud and Dust couple!

[Cross server/Like Summer Flowers] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: I’m waiting for you the Fox Contract Land.

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