Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 8)

“Hu——”  After Luo Qing Chen saw the battle report after they had won, she let out a long sigh of relief!

MVP: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust

Highest damage: Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud

Most people killed: Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud

Most healing: Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust

The entire battle report was filled with the two of them!  Her healing had even suppressed Sweet Smile, it had to be said that her equipment was truly luxurious!

[World] Young Girl Treasure: Great God Thousand Snow is too handsome!  He rushed over to save me when he saw I was being attacked!

[World] Star in the Night: The great god just wanted to win, you’re thinking too much!

[World] Little Bunny in the Zoo: Ah, ah, ah, you are all worshipping Great God Thousand Snow!  But I only worship Great God Eastern Painted!

[World] Passage of Time: Great God Eastern Painted is so strong!  When I had just revived and charged onto the battlefield, I saw him release [Void Flow] to switch places with Great God Thousand Snow and instantly used Nirvana!  I was even screaming on this side of the computer, this kind of cooperation, this kind of tacit understanding really is too god damn……

[System notification] Player Passage of Time has used inappropriate language, they have been banned for ten minutes!

“Ha, ha!”  Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer couldn’t help talking to herself as her lips curled, “This game, it really is a bit interesting.”

“Ding, dong——”  A friend’s message sound rang out.

[PM] Life Written in Water: Qing Qing, you really are famous!

Luo Qing Chen saw her name and her heart couldn’t help skip a beat.

Her mind couldn’t think of who this Life Written in Water was, but after a second, she finally found it in the memory of the previous host.

She was a roommate of the original host from university called Ye Qing Mo and was the only person who knew she was the school flower!  She was married to Demonic Year Young Master in the game, but she had long deleted the words Life Written in Water when Western Reed Song managed to hook Demonic Year Young Master.

It was heard that she went out of the country because she was depressed, therefore when the previous host was accused as a forty year old man, she was not there and she couldn’t prove anything for the previous host.

But those days hadn’t come just yet……

No, it wouldn’t come.

[System notification: An unknown hidden quest has appeared!]


[Congratulations to the host for opening the hidden quest: Let Ye Qing Mo (Life Written in Water) find true love in a month!]

Damn!  System, you don’t even ask about secondary quest lines at all?  You directly open them? Why didn’t you just add it to the main quest line?!

Luo Qing Chen was so angry that she could have swallowed the entire system right now!

She closed her eyes and calmed down!  There wasn’t even a trace of the main quest line being completed and the secondary quest line was this difficult?

Helping Life Written in Water find true love?  Wasn’t this teasing her? How could there be true love with Demonic Year Young Master?!

She was stunned in front of the computer screen for an entire five minutes before deciding to remind Ye Qing Mo about something first!  After all, if her identity was exposed, she wouldn’t be able to happily embark on the road of revenge!

[PM] Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust: Un, Qing Mo, you can’t expose my gender, or I’ll kill you!

Although Luo Qing Chen understood Ye Qing Mo’s personality, who was an absolutely tight lipped character, she still had to remind her!

[PM] Life Written in Water: Relax!  I won’t say anything! After all, my roommate is being regarded by everyone as a great god, I am also very happy about this!

Luo Qing Chen wanted to directly tell her about the matter between Demonic Year Young Master and Western Reed Song, but she never thought that Ye Qing Mo would mention this first.

[PM] Life Written in Water: Qing Qing, I feel like Young Master has been strange lately.  Although because of the difference in equipment between us so that he farms high level equipment and I farm low level equipment in the 79 Dungeon, we normally do this together.  When I logged on in the past two days, he seemed to have done it all by himself……

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