Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 7)

[Battlefield] Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud: You all take the points, I’ll hold back their teams.

It had to be said, the moment Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud spoke, the battlefield instantly ignited!

[Battlefield] Passage of Time: The great god actually spoke.  I’ve met the great god this many times on the battlefield and no matter if we’re winning or losing, the great god had never spoken before.

Mu Qian Liu on the other side of the computer had serious eyes that had a glow pass through them.  Without knowing why, there was an anxious thought in his heart that he definitely didn’t want to lose this match!

[Battlefield] Killing Intent in Little Pants: Front line form up!

[Battlefield] Sweet Candy Heart Sauce: Great God Thousand Snow!  I’ll go guard the lighthouse to the right, who will come with me!?

[Battlefield] Listen to the Wind Blowing: I’ll go with you!

[Battlefield] Peerless Cherry: I’ll guard the southern lighthouse!  Great god, be assured! I will die to protect it, I’ll even rush back from the other side after I die!

Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer was stunned.  What was going on with these weak little players with low battle strength shouting about sacrificing themselves?

Currently at the center of the battlefield, there were around two teams from the blue side and for the red side……

1……Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud.

2……Eastern Painted Brocaded Dust

3……Sweet Smile

4……?  There wasn’t a fourth!  There were over ten people from the blue side in this large area and the red side only had the three of them!

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud charged into the crowd to stun the other side’s Nurse and Luo Qing Chen quickly used her [Soul Ban] to trap Western Reed Song in place.  Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud used his [Light Hunting Kill] skill to deal critical damage, emptying Western Reed Song’s HP bar.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help calling out in surprise in her heart!  Just how bad was the supporting female lead at playing this Nurse character!

The enemies naturally knew that if they wanted to kill the three of them, they had to kill their Nurse first, therefore a few jobs that were good at dealing with Nurses charged at Sweet Smile and wildly attacked her!

All these people were attacking a single Nurse, no matter how good her skills were, she would still die!

They saw the points screen in the upper right become closer, as all the points on the map turned red!

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud had filled up his rage bar.  Seeing a group of people charging at him, he opened his rage state (Increases damage when one is low on HP) and used his Three Star Unparalleled [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] skill.  He sucked back half his HP and all the surrounding people fell to the ground.

But right after that, Demonic Year Young Master who was rather far in the back released the big move of the Void Jade job, [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall].  As an expert Void Jade, this skill could instantly kill a full health Nurse, not to mention a half health DPS.

Even if Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s equipment was good, he couldn’t block the damage from this skill!  After all, a DPS was even more fragile than a Nurse!

Luo Qing Chen in her snow white clothes not far away instantly pressed on [Void Flow].  In that instant, swapping places with Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud in the range of the [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall].

The moment the [Heavenly Flame Profound Ice Fall] fell down, Luo Qing Chen quickly pressed down on [Invincible Nirvana].  This was a divine technique of the Flowing Light job. Not only did it not decrease her HP, it instantly filled her HP to max.

Mu Qian Liu in front of the computer was clearly stunned.  The use of these skills took less than three seconds. He never had such a tacit understanding with a person he had never talked to or fought with before……

It was simply heaven defying!

After that, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud didn’t even think as he used a [Charge] at Demonic Year Young Master.  Demonic Year Young Master immediately used [Flash] to dodge this, flying towards his home base. Luo Qing Chen switched back to her dark form to chase after him.

For the rest of the time, the two of them guarded the gates of the enemy’s base.  They killed whoever came out, not giving them a chance to resist at all.

When the contest ended, the red side had won with a score of 100:60.

After that, the world exploded again!

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