Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 6)

According to the mechanics of the game, if no one applied to become the ‘battlefield commander’, the system would roll (assign) a person as captain.

The captain randomly assigned this time was Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud.

He quickly assigned the teams, switching third team’s Nurse, Sweet Smile onto his team.  There were only a few Nurses on this battlefield, only having three of them. That meant that Luo Qing Chen on the same team three couldn’t deal any damage, rather she needed to focus on healing the remaining DPS.

It really was a waste of her top grade equipment and her extreme skills!

“Ze, ze.”  Luo Qing Chen in front of the computer unknowingly gave a faint laugh before saying, “So it’s a two sided battlefield!”

As the name suggests, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud and Sweet Smile entered the battlefield in the same team!

They were from the same guild, which was the only guild that resisted the rulers of the «Like Summer Flowers» server’s ruler, the «Drunken Dream Land».

The current guild Luo Qing Chen was in was a leisure guide, which confirmed why the previous host was all along after everything happened.

After all, the supporting male lead Demonic Year Young Master and the supporting female lead Western Reed Song were both in the ruling guild of the «Like Summer Flowers» server,  «Sword World».

The main purpose for the existence of the resistance guild was to fight the ruling guild, mainly it was to stop the game from being boring.

After all, if a single guild ruled a server for too long, there was no passion for battling anymore!

The Rock Hammer battlefield continued.  What Luo Qing Chen never expected was that right before the battle began, Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud switched her who was on the third team and Sweet Smile.

Luo Qing Chenw as stunned.  This great god wanted to take revenge on her for taking his most kills?

He wanted her to stay in light form and heal him?

In the large twenty people battlefield, experts (players with high battle strength) did not have that much use.

But having two experts was different……

Luo Qing Chen was on the red side and Demonic Year Young Master and the others were the blue side.

Properly speaking, although Demonic Year Young Master had a lower battle strength than Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, he was still higher than her.  But even like this, when it came to single player arena contest, she successfully defeated Demonic Year Young Master and took second place.

As for the finals, it seemed like the previous host couldn’t attend because of overtime and had to give up in the end!

In other words, if she ate all her buff potions and really dueled Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, she wouldn’t necessarily lose.

[Then why did the host almost die in the last match!?]  The system’s mechanical voice suddenly sounded. It was like splashing a bucket of cold water over Luo Qing Chen.

Damn!  It’s fine if you spy on me!  But if you also make comments, you’re really looking to be beaten!

If the system was a person, she might have really charged at it and slammed her little fists on it!

But, she didn’t have time to play with the system right now.  After all, the battlefield was already covered in smoke. Although she and Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud were both on the red side, because their battle strength was too high, the remaining players had very low battle strength.

After all, the game’s battlefield would automatically balance it.  The battle strength of the players on the blue and red side had to be around the same before the battle began.

Luo Qing Chen’s red side quickly captured two lighthouses and Demonic Year Young Master’s blue side also captured two lighthouses.  Each lighthouse had a player guarding it to stop the other side from taking them.

The remaining players charged into the center and began to chaotic fight!  As the only healing job in their team, Luo Qing Chen never changed from her light form!

Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud and her HP bars were suddenly healed up with a single nod from Sweet Smile on team three!

A Great Nurse really is a Great Nurse, they really aren’t normal!

But they never thought that there would be a gap in battle strength between the people guarding their lighthouse and the people guarding their lighthouses.  The two lighthouses that belonged to the red team had already turned blue.

This also meant that all the lighthouses on the map were blue!  The current score was 20 red to 45 blue.

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