Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Game god’s explosive agreement (Part 4)

This was a twenty man [Rock Hammer Soldiers] battlefield, which was normally opened on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Luo Qing Chen’s job was called Flowing Light, a job that switched between light and dark.  The light side healed HP while the dark side unleashed damage, it was a very effective job.

This job in «Heavenly Sword» could be considered best for soloing and bad for party play.

After all, it didn’t have much CC, so it could be instantly killed by someone’s AoE (attack type) attack.

Even if it was like this, the Tyrant Flowing Light could reach the point of instantly killing someone, like with Luo Qing Chen’s current set of equipment.

After entering the battlefield, there were thirty seconds given to change teams.  The captains were in charge of changing the teams, at least ensuring that each team had a Nurse.

The twenty people battlefield then became four different teams.

[Battlefield] Western Reed Song: Captain, help move me to team two, thank you!

When this name appeared, Luo Qing Chen’s eyes twitched.  Thinking about what happened to the previous host, it seemed like the battlefield she met the supporting female lead on was this one!

Luo Qing Chen right clicked on Ye Ying Ge’s ingame name to see her stats and equipment.  Her equipment wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very good. Her job was a Nurse!

Really, all girls in games chose to play as healers.

But, there were plenty of good Nurses all around.  After all, the Nurses that had the greatest heals on the battlefield were considered Great Nurses!

Only, Ye Ying Ge wasn’t one!

[Battlefield] Be Careful, Don’t Run: Ying Ge, you have a coupling name with the great god!

[Battlefield] Western Reed Song: It’s just a coincidence.

“Pu!”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing in front of her computer before muttering, “Ze, ze, still pretending!”

She was completely planning on ignoring the supporting female lead.  She continued walking the indifferent path of a god and prepared her skills for battle!

The [Rock Hammer Soldiers] battlefield was not a head on clash, but rather a battle of who could take the lighthouse.  This was also one of the bright spots of this game, it did not rely on equipment to suppress others, rather there was still a technical component.

After the first lighthouse, Luo Qing Chen rushed into the middle to enter the battlefield.  Her technique was close to perfect, but when she encountered a big move from Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud, she was forced to use [Invincible Nirvana].

After Thousand Snow Flowing Cloud’s big move [Thousand Flashy Scattered Blades] was finished, everyone around had fallen to the ground.

Of course, that excluded her!

It was like a spring breeze passed through the bloody battlefield and it seemed like it was instantly frozen!

On the moon white clothes on her, the nirvana around her released a golden light.  She just casually stood there on the bloody battlefield. A few scattered strands of hair on her face was blown by the wind, dancing with the silver ribbon, looking very light.

Luo Qing Chen switched to her light form as quickly as possible, filling up her HP!

There was no need to ask why she didn’t have a Nurse healing her because her idiotic Nurse had already died!

The Thousand Snow on the screen narrowed his eyes and a faint smile appeared on his lips.  He disappeared and charged at Luo Qing Chen, planning to release a second skill!

“Damn!”  Luo Qing Chen on the other side of the computer screamed in shock.  In an instant, she began running towards the lighthouse.

The score right now was 70:90.  In this game, the side that reached 100 first was the side that won.

Right now her side was at 90 points and as long as they could successfully defend a lighthouse, they could reach 100 before the other side.

There was a five second CD (cooldown time) for a player to take a lighthouse, during which they can’t use any skills.  Moreover, as long as an enemy uses a control skill, it could disrupt them!

This was the lighthouse to the far north and it was currently lit up with the red light of Luo Qing Chen’s side.

She stood under the lighthouse with her snow white robes, waiting for that ‘enemy’ to come!

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