Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 46)

After that, she raised the purple glowing witch staff in her right hand.  She threw out the bone runes in her left hand and began chanting.

After a while, thunder boomed in the sky.  The white lightning flashed in the purplish red clouds, slowly moving towards Yu Ning on the sacrificial altar.

If a mortal was hit by this kind of lightning, her soul would be scattered in half.

This was no different from death.

“Die!”  Xi Ying loudly roared, using all her power to control the lightning.  It fell down, smashing down right in Huan Yu Ning’s direction.

But after that, the space around them seemed frozen.  The lightning in the sky instantly disappeared and the sun shone down, with no clouds all around them for ten thousand miles.  A faint pink glow surrounded Huan Yu Ning and all the wounds on her body were healed.

“Si!”  Everyone watching took in a cold breath, they had never seen such powerful spiritual energy.  It was like just by raising their hand, they could destroy the entire Witch Race.

“Who!”  Xi Ying gritted her teeth, turning around to see the source of this pink spiritual energy.

But in that moment, the Noble Sound Sword flew out of its scabbard.  This immortal sword that had been with the little princess since she was young could feel its master’s powerful hatred and grudge, bringing a trace of killing intent as it charged at Xi Ying’s throat.

In that moment, Huan Yu Ning was pulled by a powerful energy.  She fell down from the pillar on the sacrificial altar and landed on the ground, but she wasn’t injured at all.

Xi Ying had been forced to the center of the sacrificial altar by the Noble Sound Sword.  Her hands were tied to the stake by powerful spiritual energy and she formed a ‘大” character with her body, as the powerful spiritual energy locked her in place.

“Who are you?  Come out for me——”  Xi Ying knew this person’s cultivation was high and their techniques were strong, it should be someone from the Heaven Race.

But she didn’t know when she had offended someone from the Heaven Race.  Based on the aura around the sword, it was someone who wanted to kill her.

“After not seeing each other for three months, you shouldn’t have forgotten me.”  Luo Qing Chen’s cold eyes narrowed and her lips had a faint smile. She used a teleportation technique to directly arrive on the sacrificial altar.  Her skirt slightly drifted up as her body was covered with a faint pink glow.

At the same time, in the Endless Temple.

The air was filled with a wine fragrance, it was like smelling it could send someone into a deep drunken state.

He half leaned back in the high seat, drinking jug after jug of wine without stop.

“Big brother Ling Xiu, you can’t keep drinking.”  Liu Guang saw his dead face of absolute despair and couldn’t help saying this again.

In these three months, he had already said this many times.  But it was like Ling Xiu heard nothing, he could only see the wine in front of him.

But it was very hard for him to get drunk.

For close to three months, he drank every day and night, but he had only been drunk once.

That time, he had been holding Luo Qing Chen’s dim and dead like Exquisite Ring.  He had been roaring out in a heartrending manner, crying into the darkness.

“I want to get drunk, is it really that hard?”  There was a bitter smile on his lips.

Living without living, what meaning was there in getting drunk or not.  The only thing he couldn’t understand was why even though he had used the Unbreakable Soul on her, why was he still alive after she sacrificed herself to the sword?

What ancient forbidden technique, it was all a lie……

His deep eyes were bleak, like there was nothing in this world that could shine into his heart.

“Big brother Ling Xiu.”  Liu Guang wanted to say something, but he was chased off by those eyes filled with despair.

No matter what words were in his throat, he couldn’t say a single word.


“What is it?”  Liu Guang asked with a raised brow.

At this moment, he felt that they didn’t need to find Ling Xiu for trivial things since he wasn’t in the mood for them.

“The Witch Race has come under attack by the Heaven Race’s little princess.  The crown prince has released the light for help, asking sir Ling Xiu to help them!”

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