Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 45)

There was the Noble Sound Sword covered in faint pink light in her left hand and the rainbow glazed Falling Pollen Pearls on her right wrist as she flew towards Phoenix Feather City.

A day in the heavens was a year in the mortal realm.

According to this time conversion, it had been three months since she sealed the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword in the forbidden Sword Grave.  Time really passed quickly.

Standing at the top of the crystal stairs, Luo Qing Chen’s eyes were cold as she walked forward.

Whether it was the maids or the elders that saw her, they didn’t dare block her at all since she was covered in the high grade spiritual energy of the Heaven Race.  She was worlds apart from the Witch Race’s people.

Only there was also discussions wherever she went.

“That Heaven Race person!  She looks like that maid Luo Qing Chen who came to Phoenix Feather City back then!”

“Really?  Are you sure?”  

“I can’t see clearly.  Perhaps it is because she is too beautiful, but there is that white immortal light around her.  I’ve heard the elder say that only high ranking people can have this and they need to pass a trial to gain this light.

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort and flicked her sleeve.  Her eyes were filled with killing intent.

Without knowing why, her blood boiled even more when she came to Phoenix Feather City.  Perhaps it was because the person she hated the most in her life was here.

Before even reaching the Ten Thousand Flower Palace, she could see someone on the Witch Race’s sacrificial altar.

Her body was covered in wounds and her face was pale without any blood.  She tightly bit her lip as she looked at Xi Ying, shouting in a hoarse voice, “You will receive your retribution!”

“Me?”  Xi Ying’s lips curled as she looked at Huan Yu Ning in front of her and said, “You served the second prince yesterday when he went to sleep and the second prince has been in a coma from being poisoned since this morning.  If you weren’t the one who poisoned him, who else could it be?”

There was a sinister look in her eyes.  Without knowing why, when she saw this person, she kept remembering the night Luo Qing Chen had just come to Phoenix Feather City.

It was because of her ribbon that her matters were disrupted.  It caused everything to derail from the path she wanted them to take, ending in this kind of bad ending.

“A person like you wants to receive sir Ling Xiu’s love, do you not know what the Witch Race’s people say about you?”  Huan Yu Ning gritted her teeth and stared right at Xi Ying with wide eyes.

Xi Ying thought she could hide this matter, but everyone already knew.

She was nothing more than a clown in the Witch Race.  But she was still the Witch Lord and before the Witch God picked the next Witch Lord, no one could move against her.

Even if she made mistakes, she was only locked up to reflect.  What a ridiculous system, what a ridiculous Witch Race……

“Pa!”  A clear slapping sound came from Huan Yu Ning’s face.  This was a slap that contained spiritual energy, so a mortal like Huan Yu Ning spat out a mouthful of blood.

The people on the side were in an uproar, but no one dared say a thing.

The second prince Su Yu was in a coma right now and the Witch Race’s doctor couldn’t tell what kind of poison it was.  The large suspect right now was Huan Yu Ning.

“If you don’t speak, I can summon the Heavenly Thunder to turn you into ashes, never letting you reincarnate!”  Xi Ying’s eyes were filled with hate. She could even kill Luo Qing Chen, was there a need to mention this mortal that no one was protecting?

“Pei!”  Huan Yu Ning spat out blood and her lips curled into a smile of disdain as she said, “I’ll just be going to where Qing Chen is, how could I be like you?  Living like a puppet, having no life of your own at all!”

“You!”  Xi Ying’s face turned white, naturally she knew what Huan Yu Ning’s words meant.

She was a mortal, she had no skills and no one to rely on!  Based on what could she taunt her! Based on what!?

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