Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: Abstinent Beast God’s pampered little princess (Part 32)

“Peng——”  There was blue light that exploded from his outstretched hand, causing the entire secret prison to collapse.  The ice cold water poured in, but it couldn’t soak Ling Xiu at all.

Luo Qing Chen leaned into his embrace and a blush slowly appeared on her face.  White mist kept surrounding her and she felt her body become warm, like she was lying in bed.

There were things all around him that tried to stop him, whether it was doors or people.  But wherever Ling Xiu went, all he left was a mess.

In that instant, his mind was completely empty.  He didn’t dodge, he didn’t think anything. The decisiveness in his eyes seemed to swallow even people, making no one dare stand in his path.

He only felt the pain in the depths of his heart, it was so painful that it even became numb.  The young girl in his arms shrank in and her lips slightly curled, knocking against his heart.

She couldn’t die, she definitely couldn’t die.  There was no one in this world that could take her from his side.

He swore that even the death god couldn’t do so!

“Ling Xiu——”  When he came to the door, Xi Ying pulled on his clothes.  She found in that moment that Ling Xiu was scattering his spiritual energy to keep Luo Qing Chen in his embrace warm.

The Beast God’s spiritual energy was actually being used to keep someone warm…..

“Xiu——”  The Sacrificial Spiritual Sword came out from behind him and a powerful spiritual energy sent Xi Ying flying away.  The light blue sword forced her back against the ice to the side and the sword was placed at her throat.


“Don’t force me.”  Ling Xiu’s voice was incomparably cold and his deep eyes seemed like they could freeze people.

[Ding, Xi Ying’s affection has decreased by sixty.  Only 0% remains.]

The unconscious Luo Qing Chen couldn’t hear anything, she only heard the system’s notification.  A decrease of sixty, could she give full points?!

Whenever he saw that face in the past, he would think of his gentle sister.  The big sister who sacrificed herself to the Sacrificial Spiritual Sword, the big sister who loved him so much.

But now he knew it was just an empty cover.

Xi Ying was Xi Ying, she was not a thought Ling Yao left in this world and was not someone he should protect.

At this time, Xi Ying was frozen in place.  Her eyes filled with tears looked at Ling Xiu as she said with pursed lips, “Why?  Why are you suddenly like this……”

Didn’t they have a good relationship in the past?  Although he was indifferent by nature, he always treated her special.  As long as she needed something, he would immediately appear by her side.  Although she didn’t know what he was thinking, when she felt wronged, he would always sit by her side and seriously listen to her.

But now, how could it all change overnight……

“You know, you’re too like my big sister.”  Ling Xiu turned around and looked at Xi Ying with narrowed eyes.

Without knowing when it happened, his eyes and heart were no longer blinded.

Perhaps it was a dazzling light that illuminated his heart without any warning.

Melting away the ice and haze.

“Good——”  Xi Ying bit her lip and said, “What about her?  She is just a mortal, how could she be worthy of being in the Star Palace!  How could she be worthy of being by your side! How could she be worthy of you wasting half your cultivation on her!  How could she……”

She was screaming all the resentment and aggrievement in her heart.  She saw him change in just a few days. It was like when he was looking at Luo Qing Chen, his eyes would be filled with gentleness and pampering love.

He knew that these eyes were what she had wanted her entire life.

“Based on what……”  Ling Xiu took soft steps as he looked down at Luo Qing Chen’s closed eyes.  He revealed a soft smile as he said, “I love her.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

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