Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 9)

After she finished washing up, she wore a honey coloured satin embroidered cloak with a white jade inlaid hairpin on her head.  She brought a spring breeze as she walked towards the test site.

She had done so many things for this hidden quest, not going to see how Su Li’s test went was letting herself down too much!

When she came to the test site, the test had just finished.

There were many people gathered at the door, they were all parents who were waiting for their sons to finish the test.

Luo Qing Chen stood on her tip toes to see a glowing Su Li walking out with a confident smile.

“Over here, over here——”  Luo Qing Chen waved her hand at him.

“That…..”  He quickly ran over and excitedly said, “Do you know?  The main questions for this exam were finally things that I’m good at.”

“I know, I know.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a smile.

Nonsense, of course I knew this.  That was my work, don’t you know?

Su Li was a bit stunned.  He looked at Luo Qing Chen with a smile and said, “I still haven’t asked, miss, what is your name?”

“Luo Qing Chen.”

“Full of prosperity, a lifetime of allure.”  Su Li gave a warm smile and said with sparkling eyes, “Good name.”

Ze, ze, a man who studied was really different.  He can think of all these things for a single name, admirable, admirable!

“Thank you.”  She revealed a faint smile to him that was like a warm spring breeze.

[Ding, affection has decreased by five.  Mission completion rate is 50%.]

Damn, why?

[Ding, affection has decreased by five.  Mission completion rate is 45%.]

What, wait a minute!  Stop taking it away!

[System notification: The male lead is nearby!]

I know, I know, could you subtract all of this if he wasn’t nearby?

Luo Qing Chen felt a cold chill from behind her, but she didn’t dare immediately turn around.

She knew that he was standing not that far away behind her.

But she knew that not far behind her wasn’t just Zhao An Yang.

There was also the only consort in the royal harem Yan Wu Se and the darkened Tao Hua.

Zhao An Yang looked at her with a livid face.  His eyes narrowed as they looked like thousand year old ice, looking at the stunning girl not far away.

Her smile was that warm, it looked like it could melt all the ice in a year, like it could melt his ice cold insides.

But she was not smiling towards him, but rather towards another man.

Why was he feeling so much discomfort in his heart?  This kind of feeling was even more unbearable than when she locked herself up and ignored him.

In his heart, even if she ignored him, at least she only loved him.

But now, she was smiling this warmly at another person.  What was this?

Tao Hua narrowed her eyes and saw Luo Qing Chen not far away.  She angrily said, “Mistress, it was that girl that tried to steal the mistress’ clothes from this servant yesterday and she even ripped the clothes in the end.”

Tao Hua’s voice was very loud and Luo Qing Chen not far away had heard everything.

My god, this Tao Hua, why doesn’t she go to heaven?

“What did you say?”  Zhao An Yang’s tone had no warmth at all and there was a faint killing intent in his eyes.

In this world, other than him, there was no one that was allowed to say she wasn’t good.  Not to mention a lowly servant like this.

“Emperor, what is wrong?”  Yan Wu Se had been by Zhao An Yang’s side for a long time, so naturally she knew that he was very angry.

But she couldn’t understand, why was he angry?

“Can you not tell who that person is?”  Zhao An Yang’s tone was extremely ice cold.

His hand came out and he angrily pointed in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

Yan Wu Se’s body trembled as she saw that familiar back.

In an instant, her body began to tremble without stop.

Tao Hua quickly came forward to hold her as she anxiously said, “Mistress, what is it?”

“Luo…..Luo Qing…..Chen.”  She couldn’t help stroking the birthmark on her face and every word she spoke was said in a trembling voice.

#Male lead creating hate for the supporting female lead system#

Luo Qing Chen: I’ve done everything you wanted me to do, what use is wanting me?

Zhao An Yang: Eat together, drink together, sleep……together.

Luo Qing Chen: ∑(O_O;) Let go of me, I want to hate the supporting female lead!

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