Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: Mister’s childhood lover (Part 13)

On the track of the military camp, there were only four girls punished to run, but there was a group of people with them.

This matter angered the teacher in charge and the instructor said that they would give them the harshest training!

Ater ten laps, Luo Qing Chen almost collapsed from how tired she was.

Looking at the people beside her, their situations weren’t that good either!

“You just wait for me!”  Cheng Qian Zi angrily stomped her feet before walking over to Gu Qing Nuo and saying, “Qing Nuo, let’s go……Stop looking, let’s go!”

Luo Qing Chen saw his restless expression before he turned to leave, suddenly feeling that something was different with this youth.

But she didn’t know that this thing would cause great harm.

The teacher in charge as expected gave them the harshest training.

The sun was up in the sky, but she felt her back being covered in cold sweat.

“Baby Qing Chen, your face doesn’t look good.”  Bei Xiao Shi walked beside her while asking in a concerned voice, “If you can’t hold on, I’ll send you to the nurse’s office!”

“I…..”  She wanted to speak, but her throat was so sore that she couldn’t speak.  She just waved her hand, showing that she was fine.

It wasn’t that she wanted to hold on, but if she raised her hand to report this, she would be the center of attention again.

She had been the center of attention enough, she didn’t like that kind of feeling.

Ye Zhi Jin knit his brows not far away, as a worried look flashed in his eyes.

“Next, we’ll be doing field survival training!”  The instructor’s strict voice rang out, “You will all be given a bag and the instructors will send you into the mountains!  There are necessities in the bag and whichever team gets back the fastest will be considered the winner. The top three teams will receive extra points!”

“Instructor, there are so many mountains here, are we all going to the same one?”

“No!”  The instructor added, “There are a total of nine mountains.  There is only class two and class seven doing the training today, so you will all be assigned a mountain.”

“Instructor, I…..I have no sense of direction…..”  A girl with glasses raised her hand, looking quite shy.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  The male students broke out in laughter.

The instructor glared at the girl with glasses before continuing, “It is three right now and if you don’t return by six, you can release the smoke signal in your bags and the instructors will come pick you up, but that means that you will receive a mark of zero on this survival training!”

In the minds of the youths, there was a feeling of not wanting to give up.  Plus this first military training exercise was a place to show off.

Everyone hoped that they could excel and shine.

But reality wasn’t like that.

Military training groups were divided by dorms, therefore……

“This really is angering, you better not drag me down!”  Cheng Qian Zi didn’t forget to be snippy in the car ride.

The three others gave a shrug, not saying a thing.

Only Qiao Meng Tian’s expression changed a bit, as her eyes showed determination and fear.

The mountain path was slippery and there were animal calls all around them, so they couldn’t tell where they were.

There was a compass in the bag and Bei Xiao Shi found their direction the fastest.

But at this time, Qiao Meng Tian said, “My stomach hurts a bit, can you come with me to go to the washroom?”

Her eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen, but she was rejected by Bei Xiao Shi.

“Our baby Qing Chen isn’t feeling well today, I’ll go with you.”

When they walked off, she felt a stick hit her back and she fell down.

She vaguely saw many pairs of shoes, sneakers of all different colours…..

WTF?  Were high school girls this determined that they even ambushed people?

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