QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0124

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Chapter 124: This Princess is an Honest Person

All around were the sounds of blades clashing. Fresh blood streamed as swords cut through flesh and countless people gave their last cries in agony. Ning Shu clenched her teeth. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the Tartar horses trample over the corpses of Great Yong soldiers.

Indescribable sorrow and hatred arose in Ning Shu’s heart and she rushed towards the oncoming stream of Tartars, sending her whip flying towards their faces. The barbs caught on their skin and even ripped some of their eyes out.

“Forward, forward…” Finally, the sound of distant horse hooves came. The long awaited rescue group had finally arrived.

A Great Yong general came leading troops. When he saw all the corpses on the ground, he immediately shouted, “Prepare for battle!”

He Lianying hadn’t brought a lot of soldiers. When he saw the newcomers, he briefly glanced towards Ning Shu who was so covered with blood that only her bright eyes were visible, then said to his troops, “Return.”

The Tartars quickly moved back behind He Lianying and stood confronting the soldiers of Great Yong.

Ning Shu wiped at the blood on her face. Even her nose was filled with the heavy, disgusting stench of blood.

She didn’t dare to be careless and keep her eyes on He Lianying. Her hand was trembling slightly as she gripped her whip. He Lianying smiled towards Ning Shu nonchalantly. Although he was clearly injured, the only visible indication of it was that his face was slightly pale. Other than that, he didn’t seem to be in pain at all.

He sure was fierce. He was so harsh even towards himself.

He Lianying pointed towards the captured Tartars and said lightly, “Release our North Mongolian warriors.”

Ning Shu was provoked to laughter. Didn’t he know the situation he was in? She couldn’t help but say, “What if this princess refuses? What does it matter if the soldiers of your North Mongolia are strong? Our Great Yong will just use ten lives to exchange for the life of one of you Tartars. If ten won’t work, then we’ll use a hundred.”

He Lianying’s pupils dilated for a moment, then he burst out laughing. During this time as he had been watching Ning Shu, his gaze had been becoming brighter and brighter. In the end, he laughed. This laugh actually contained a tone of appreciation. He Lianying rubbed his lip with his finger.

“Who would have imagined that a person with unyielding character like this existed in a flourishing place where people lived in drunken stupor? Not even the border generals of Great Yong dare to speak to this prince this way. Jiahui, you shouldn’t have been born in Great Yong. You’re a woman that should be galloping through the plains.”

Ning Shu simply sneered. For the sake of not marrying you, she’d pay any price.

Currently, Ning Shu wasn’t sure if she would be able to complete this task. When it came to a collision between nations, individuals were truly too insignificant. She must help the original host get free from this man.

From the looks of it, the power of the storyline was just too strong. Although she had managed to get out of the peace marriage, this man, He Lianying, ended up fixating on her.

Men were all scum that only wanted things they couldn’t have. When he had married the original host, he had treated her inhumanely. Now he actually wanted her to leave with him? That was practically throwing Great Yong, throwing Li Wen’s face on the ground and stomping on it.

It was likely that He Lianying was doing this to attack Great Yong’s morale. Just imagine it. If your country’s princess ran off with the enemy’s prince and it was even right after a humiliating peace marriage had been proposed. It’d be a huge joke.

Her name would go down in infamy.

Ning Shu sneered, “Your North Mongolia is a place where monarchs don’t act befitting of their status and subjects have no sense of propriety: a place that lacks the three principles and five virtues. How could a crappy place like that be fit for this incorruptible princess to stay in? He Lianying, whatever hole you rolled out from, just roll back in there. Scram!”

>The three principles are the ruler guides the subjects, the father guides the son, and the husband guides the wife. The five virtues of Confucianism are benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and fidelity.<

He Lianying’s face turned increasingly pale and when he heard what Ning Shu said at the end, he was so angry he coughed up blood. Of course, how could a person as shameless as He Lianying be angered to the point of coughing blood? It was the poison taking effect.

“You really did use poison.” He Lianying wiped at the black blood at the corner of his mouth.

Ning Shu spread out her hands and shrugged innocently. “This princess is an honest person and never lies.”

He Lianying fixed his gaze on Ning Shu’s face and examined it inch by inch. In the end, he gave a hearty laugh. “Princess Jiahui, be prepared. This prince will not stop until this prince obtains you!”

“This princess is really scared ah.” Ning Shu patted her chest. “This princess just likes the way you look when you’re driven crazy by frustration but still not able to obtain this princess.”

“Let’s go…” He Lianying coughed up another mouthful of blood, then he commanded the North Mongolian soldiers to retreat.

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  1. Hey! Have anyone else thought what would have Psycho from the last Ark will thought or react to if he saw his Pig teammate’s heroic acts and aura?

    If he’s the ML in the future i will drop this novel immediately.
    The MC deserves happiness and he’s not worthy of her.
    Is there something wrong in your heads? Are you masochists? Or it’s me who can’t see his charms???

  3. I really like that this chapter acknowledges just how shitty it would be to reject him in peace talks then turn around and run off with him anyway.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Hahahahaha she is just getting more and more RUTHLESS! And I love it!

    Psycho shifu would be prou… erm… not ashamed.

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