QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0123

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Chapter 123: This Flavor is Delightful

Ning Shu had been planning to kick him impotent, but He Lianying quickly dodged. However, due to this he loosened his hold on Ning Shu and she immediately swung her whip towards him.

He Lianying wasn’t able to react fast enough and the tip of the whip hit him. He immediately felt scorching pain come from his arm. His facial color instantly turned a bit pale and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Ning Shu jumped back onto her horse and turned to look at him. When she saw his condition, she couldn’t help but ask with a pleased smirk, “How does it feel? Doesn’t it feel wonderful? This princess’s whip has been soaked in hot pepper and has had a little extra something added to it. How does the poison feel?”

He Lianying’s handsome brows furrowed slightly and his face twitched, but then he grinned towards Ning Shu. “This prince finds this flavor delightful.”

Ning Shu’s eyelids jumped. This He Lianying was seriously a pervert, to be able to still joke with her in this sort of situation.

“Second Prince…” When the people behind He Lianying heard Ning Shu say that her whip was poisonous, they became worried. All of them glared at Ning Shu and cursed at her. “Despicable Great Yong woman!”

Haha, these Tartars actually had the face to call her shameless? No matter how shameless she was, she couldn’t compare to how shameless these plunderers were. They were like thieving mice, what right did they have to call other people shameless?

He Lianying didn’t bother to address his subordinates’ worries and continued looking towards Ning Shu. He licked his lips in a manner that seemed both charming and feral, then commanded, “Apart from Jiahui, kill them all.”


Ning Shu’s expression turned serious and she raised her voice say, “Soldiers, the Tartars have been trampling the soil of our nation and humiliating our wives and daughters. We must drive these bandits off our soil to protect our nation, to protect our wives and children!”

“Protect our nation!” A low and unified chant filled with solemn conviction rang out. The soldiers’ expressions became resolute. As they looked towards Princess Jiahui who was holding a whip in front of them, they felt hot blood course into their heart.

He Lianying was also watching Ning Shu. “Do you really think that these people can defeat this prince’s troops?”

“Jiahui, come with this prince. This prince will give you incomparable glory. You will become this prince’s woman for this entire lifetime, you will be this prince’s only woman.”

Ning Shu gave a cold laugh and swung her whip towards the neck of a Tartar that was rushing towards her. The Tartar’s neck immediately streamed with blood and after a second of struggle, he stopped breathing.

“He Lianying, this princess is the princess of Great Yong. Great Yong will naturally give this princess glory and honor. Even if this princess were to die, it would be on the soil of Great Yong. You want this princess to go with you? Just keep dreaming!” sneered Ning Shu.

He Lianying shook his head. His gaze was filled with strange gentleness as he looked at her. “This prince just loves it when you act this way. You seem to be even more wild than the women of North Mongolia.”

Ning Shu: Isn’t this bastard’s ability to ignore other people’s words a little too good?

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17 thoughts on “QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0123

  1. I am so shipping them. But too bad since Ning Shu can’t do that… from the last owner request.. 🙁
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. I know right? He kind of embodies a lot of male lead traits xD Though it’s all just talk, so I’ll reserve my judgement. I mean, a female lead doesn’t HAVE to have a male lead, right? I don’t know xD

  2. Now i am wondering.. if not for the previous princess experiences, would she consider agreeing? I mean, with proper support of the emperor, and considering she is no more the pushover of before, accepting his proposal could be worthwhile…

  3. Thank you for the chapter! actually like the ship Ning Shu x He Lianying… he could totally be the male lead :p

    1. If we based this with the usual historical c-novel with female MC, He Lianying is a ML material… If you ask me why, I would say at least he said that MC would be his ONLY WOMAN… Then again he didn’t say the only lover, he might sway the other way too… hahaha JK

    2. Sorry he makes me vomit and i want him to die a terrible death.
      He needs to suffer tortures for the rest of his life.
      If he’s really the ML in the future i will drop this novel immediately…
      Bleargh *o*
      I want to puke in his face while he dies.
      He doesn’t deserve the MC.
      She deserves happiness and he only knows how to be possessive and cruel.
      Did you all forget he raped,tortured and gave the previous MC to other men till she dies?
      Is there something wrong in your heads or is it me who can’t see his charms?
      I hope he dies or at least stay away from MC.

  4. Yes! She poisoned her weapon! Of course, this will very probably will not work here, even so, considering that her advantage is reach, momentum and agility, coating the whip is optimal decision when possible! This is so many time ignored…

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