QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0121

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Chapter 121: Become This Prince’s Princess Consort

“Could it be that you North Mongolians don’t even have copper mirrors to look at your own moral conducts with? If you don’t have copper mirrors, then just take a leak and and look at yourself in that. I don’t get where you get the confidence to act as if you’re on top of the world.”

Ning Shu was happy to finally get to curse. Every time she saw He Lianying’s attitude of ‘I’m a bigshot, you’re lucky that this bigshot took a fancy to you,’ she would feel speechless.

She felt that he was a total fool.

Those Tartars were so pissed by Ning Shu’s remark that every single one of them glared at her as if they wanted to eat her alive.

Ning Shu simply sneered, but inwardly she was also cursing crap, what exactly was Shen Feng doing? Why was he still not here when this place was only a few steps away?

Ning Shu’s heart sank a little. If she made it back alive this time, she definitely had to sort those people out. Otherwise, events like this would occur again.

Fierce anger had also appeared on He Lianying’s face when he heard this and he said coldly, “Princess Jiahui, does the fact that you’re purposefully provoking me mean that you no longer care about the soldiers behind you?”

Ning Shu laughed coldly. “Of course this princess can’t care. After all, even if they were to die, it would only be after this princess died in front of them. He Lianying, don’t you think you’ve been acting too arrogantly, to treat the soil of Great Yong as your own backyard?”

The only thing Ning Shu could do right now was send verbal slaps. They had no hope fighting right now since it was a cavalry versus an infantry. If they fought, they would face instant KO ah.

“Princess Jiahui, it’s not that this prince is arrogant, nor is it that the warriors of our North Mongolia are arrogant. It’s that the soldiers of your Great Yong are all cowards who freeze at the sight of our North Mongolian warriors.”

“They don’t have a single bit of courage. Towards a country made of people like this, this prince can only laugh…”

Fuck your laughing, Ning Shu inwardly cursed.

He Lianying’s words made all the citizens of Great Yong feel extremely humiliated and they glared at him.

“Princess, please give this general the command to fight,” said Duan Xinghui with a determined expression.

Ning Shu was speechless. Was it even possible to win if they fought in this situation? Could it be that all battles were solo battles?

“You want to go up and fight alone?” asked Ning Shu in a small voice.

When Ning Shu leaned over closer to him to ask him this, for some reason Duan Xinghui felt his heart abruptly speed up. He lifted his chest higher and said, “Allow this general to duel the enemy’s leader first.”

Fuck! The order really was individual duels, then a group melee?

He Lianying saw that Ning Shu was chatting nonstop with a man, not seeming to mind this situation at all, and became annoyed. He shouted coldly, “Princess Jiahui.”

“What are you shouting for? Can’t you see that we’re discussing something right now?” snapped Ning Shu, sounding slightly annoyed.

He Lianying: …

He Lianying lifted his hand and the Tartars behind him immediately moved to surround Ning Shu’s group.

The soldiers of Great Yong had their backs against each other as they faced the Tartars solemnly with spear in hand.

Ning Shu’s expression turned cold as she looked towards He Lianying. He Lianying was sitting on his horse in a relaxed manner and watching Ning Shu. When she looked over, he smiled smugly and asked, “Princess Jiahui, have you made your decision?”

“A betrothed becomes a wife, an eloper becomes a concubine. He Lianying, you want me to go with you. If this princess does, what will this princess’s status be?” Ning Shu had no choice but to pretend to consider He Lianying’s offer.

“Princess…” Duan Xinghui couldn’t stop himself from crying out.

Ning Shu ignored him. Shen Feng still wasn’t here. Haha, he really didn’t respect her, this princess, at all.

“You’ll naturally be this prince’s princess consort. This prince’s land, livestock, and servants will all belong to you.” He Lianying’s voice was enticing to hear.

However, Ning Shu really wanted to just spit in his face. What did she not have in Great Yong for her to have a need for He Lianying’s things? Just in regards to land, the territory she had been bestowed was much larger compared to He Lianying’s land.

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  1. An entire chapter of stalling and backup still hasn’t arrived. Truly, no enemy can compare to a piggish teammate. Also Duan Xinghui’s poor confused feelings, ha ha.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. That part when it says the “you’re lucky this big shot I should paying u attention” reminds me of the last arc. I wonder if the doctor and that couple is fine? *sigh*

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