QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0120

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Chapter 120: The Princess of Great Yong!

A group of Tartars soon arrived. Their imposing aura was extremely strong and their large horses kicked up a huge storm of dust as they galloped in this direction.

The imposing sight caused the soldiers of Great Yong to panic and fear appeared on their faces.

Ning Shu shouted, “What are you panicking for? Stand at attention!”

No matter the situation of a battle, the troops must maintain orderly ranks and give off an imposing aura.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes at the person leading the Tartars. She could only say that the path of enemies was narrow. At the very front of the group of Tartars was the second prince, He Lianying.

“Second Prince, Second Prince…” The captured Tartars immediately started shouting excitedly when they saw He Lianying. Then they looked towards Ning Shu with smug and malicious expressions.

Ning Shu simply swung her whip. It made a sharp, ear-piercing sound as it cut through the air and instantly silenced the Tartars.

When the soldiers of Great Yong saw that Princess Jiahui had been able to scare the Tartars to the point they trembled with a single swing of her whip, they stood more confidently with their chest out, causing their aura to strengthen.

He Lianying was wearing animal leather that revealed part of his chest, making him look even more coarse and wild than he had appeared at the capital. From head to toe, he emitted a seductive unruliness.

He Lianying first took a look at the scout on the ground that had been whipped beyond recognition and an unclear dark light flashed through his eyes. Following that, he looked towards Ning Shu who was in full-body armor.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” He Lianying’s tone was very languid but also low and dangerous. “You refused the peace marriage with me, and now even led troops to battle. Princess Jiahui, you’ve truly exceeded my expectations.”

“Only a woman like you is worthy to be my wife.”

He Lianying extended his hand in her direction and made a snatching motion. Giving her a darkly charming smile, he continued, “You should just be good and agree to the marriage. What’s the point in coming here and tormenting yourself? You’ve killed a warrior of my North Mongolia, so I’ll just have your soldiers make up for it.”

“For the death of one warrior, I’ll have a hundred troops and a hundred citizens slaughtered. If you kill two, I’ll kill five hundred soldiers.” He Lianying bared his teeth in a savage grin.

His voice was carried by the cold wind into everyone’s ears and they involuntarily shivered.

“Princess Jiahui, come with me.” He Lianying looked at Ning Shu. “If you leave with me, I’ll let this group go.”

“Princess, please allow me to duel him,” requested Duan Xinghui angrily.

“Move back,” berated Ning Shu. Duan Xinghui looked unwillingly towards He Lianying again as he backed down.

“That means you want come with me now?” A smile that contained some joy appeared on He Lianying’s face as he extended his hand towards Ning Shu. “You’re the first woman to gain my appreciation, and also the one most suitable to be my woman.”

Ning Shu really wanted to spit in his face. Such an arrogant tone, he sure thought highly of himself! Ning Shu gave a cold laugh, then swung her whip towards the lower body of a captured Tartar.

And whipped him to death.

Her movements had been too fast, even He Lianying was stunned for a moment. Following that, he tightened his fist around his reins and looked at Ning Shu with a dark and sinister expression. “Princess Jiahui, I’d advise you not to provoke me.”

Even the soldiers of Great Yong were looking towards Ning Shu in astonishment and awe.

Ning Shu ignored He Lianying’s irked expression and said, “This is the result of humiliating the women of my Great Yong. I’ll whip to death every offender. You bandits have seized the foodstuff belonging to our Great Yong and plundered the homes of our people. If I don’t whip people like you to death, I don’t deserve to be the princess of Great Yong!”

“The phrase ‘no sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor’ was made to describe bastards like you. This princess will not agree to the peace marriage even if the consequence is death! He Lianying, who do you think you are? You think you’re good enough for this princess?”

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    1. Haha, but I happen to be the opposite. When I first started translating, I thought my translations were awesome, until 200 chps later and I look back at my first chps and saw how chock-full of awkward phrasings and grammatical mistakes there were. I learned that reality is harsh… and readers are too nice. But thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully the quality of my translations will continue to get better with more chps.

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