QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0118

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Chapter 118: You Guys Aren’t The Border Guards

Ning Shu sat down in her tent and took off the cushions that were tied around her legs. After marching for such a long time, the saddle had already rubbed her thighs raw. It was thanks to having these cushions that the condition of her thighs hadn’t gotten worse.

She sprinkled some medicinal powder over the red areas. Suddenly, she seemed to hear the sound of a girl screaming for help.

She hastily exited the tent. Outside, the sun was setting. She could faintly hear the sound of horse hooves.

Ning Shu climbed onto a tree to look around and saw that there were about twenty Huns on horseback chasing after a running woman for sport.

All of the men had heartless smiles on their faces as they played this cruel game of cat and mouse.

Ning Shu was furious. She jumped off the tree and headed straight towards the largest tent. Entering the tent, she said, “Marshal, I discovered traces of Tartars ahead. I hope Marshal can assign this general a squadron of soldiers.”

When Shen Feng heard this, he asked the high-ranking officers in the tent, “Who is willing to go with the left vanguard?”

Princess Jiahui’s status was only below Shen Feng’s, but none of these men were willing to be under the command of a woman.

When Ning Shu saw their attitudes, she swung her whip and said, “Come with this princess, or this princess will whip you to death!”

Duan Xinghui was the first to step out, then Shen Feng assigned about a hundred people to Ning Shu and they started heading towards that direction.

When they reached the Huns, the Huns had already caught the woman and ripped apart her clothing.

The Huns encircled this woman with obscene smiles and their laughter mixed with the sound of the woman’s angry and panicked shouts.

Ning Shu was so angry steam was practically rising from her head. She drove her horse over and whipped the man that was on top of the woman.

That man was in the process of lifting his spear when the whip struck his back. He felt a burst of pain, then numbness all over.

Ning Shu’s lash had injured the man’s vertebra and for a moment he was immobilized.

Everyone was shocked by this sudden development and stared dumbstruck at the person who had swung the whip.

Ning Shu took advantage of this moment to lean down, grab the woman’s elbow, and pull her up onto the horse.

The woman looked at Ning Shu blankly and seemed to feel herself sink into Ning Shu’s clear, cold eyes.

When the Tartars saw that their spoils of war had been snatched away, they immediately started shouting furiously. The Huns had always been successful in all their endeavors here at the border and had never encountered an event like this before.

Ning Shu took off her red cloak and draped it over the woman. The woman seemed lost in shock up until the moment the cloak was draped over her. Upon feeling that sensation, she shivered, then lowered her head.

The troops caught up with Ning Shu in just a few moments. When Duan Xinghui saw the Huns, he looked as angry as if he was facing a personal sworn enemy. Last time he had fallen into these Huns’ scheme and even lost his position as general due to it.

At first the Huns were angrily shouting some things that Ning Shu couldn’t understand but when they saw that so many people had appeared, one of the Huns stammered in the language of Great Yong, “Y-you… you guys aren’t the border guards.”

All the soldiers stationed at the border had already been traumatized by them and would avoid them as much as possible. This was the main reason they were able to act so recklessly on Great Yong’s land.

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10 thoughts on “QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0118

  1. Ning Shu is so cool! I love how she wants to flip off all these presumptuous men! Yeeeaaah! Female lead that won’t wilt like a wet tissue in front of rude men! (And consistent too lol) I wonder what’s up with that creature thing…is it even relevant or is it just there for comedic purposes? Haha, I love how Ning Shu’s Jiahui is somehow obtaining a harem of women lol! Thanks for the chapters!

  2. Geez I think I’m gonna skip rest of this arc. This whole nationalistic atmosphere is just rubbing me wrong. First it was Huns then suddenly changed to Northern Mongolians (historically Mongol empire become thing around 1300s and Huns are from 4th-6th century AD so they’re like hundreds of years apart??? I guess Huns might be ancestor of Mongolians but that is very, very debatable and def. not proved) and now Tartars/Manchus are showing and they become thing around 1500s (though their ancestors Jurchens were around since 1100s but Mongols and Jurchens were enemies). Timeline just makes no sense, it is just pure patriotic garbage and I guess trying to paint every nomadic tribe to ever exist in negative light. I sure hope nobody is thinking this piece of misinformed writing is somehow historically accurate in any degree. I know China’s historical education heavily favors only themselves but it is just so darn irresponsible of this author write down real Historical ethnicities without at least some research. If story started with Huns keep it as Huns, why involve every semi nomadic tribe that existed in history.

    1. No need to overthink it so hard. Just treat it as Princess Jiahui vs barbarians. I wouldn’t even go so far to say this is the author’s nationalism at work, the author just needed a villain and it’s convenient to just pick up some nomadic savages.

      *If your ancestors were Mongolians, I guess you’d be offended.*

      1. Tbh yeah I’m Mongolian and I’m offended.And for sure it is author’s nationalism at work, not very surprising since so many chinese authors pull up this crap time and time again by painting their enemies in inhumanely negative way. In a way I don’t blame them that much since it is what they are taught in their history lessons and it is agenda that chinese govt pushes. Plus I’m sure there was rape and other horrible things happening in every war so in a way they’re correct (just they neglect to mention it was kind of vice-versa deal and act like chinese of that time was so sophiscated above it or whatever which is pure bullshit) But at the same time I particularly don’t like the inconsistency of this author. That is 3 completely different nomadic tribes that lived centuries apart… If the author doesn’t know history then she/he should have just made up some nonsense name, if they’re gonna use real nomadic tribes’ name then they gotta be more responsible about it. At least other authors who does same thing keep it within the correct tribe/correct century which makes their story lot less annoying.

        1. I gotta say though, arent you doing the same thing? Im not sure if this world is from our past or an alternate world history, names, languages, and culture might mirror our own, but in other ways may deviate.

          Are you upset at the woman being chased down by the Huns? earlier our Princess was considered a hole to plunder by those men supposedly under her command. Or is it the mishmash of history glibly pulled out one after the other?

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