QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0116

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Chapter 116: First March

It took four hours for the entire army to leave the capital. As of now, the sun was already very high in the sky and the weather was quite warm. It was especially warm to the people wearing armor since the armor blocked the biting cold wind.

Ning Shu glanced back and saw that the soldiers behind her were dripping with sweat; it was to the point their tan faces seemed to glow and waves of steam rose from them.

“Princess, should we set up camp?” asked Shen Feng.

Ning Shu could tell from Shen Feng’s expression that he didn’t want to set up camp as speed was precious in war. He only asked because had to take into account Princess Jiahui’s status.

Ning Shu shook her head and said, “Marshal Shen has the highest authority. Jiahui should comply with military rules and will obey all of Marshal’s decisions.”

If they set up camp right after they left the capital, how long would it take for them to reach North Mongolia?

“Soldiers, we’re speeding up!” shouted Shen Moru. After he gave this command, the soldiers holding the flags waved the yellow banners to transmit this message.

Shen Feng did not worry about Ning Shu being a female again and led the army in the strictest fashion. The march continued all the way until night, then they set up camp.

Ning Shu could finally relax once she was sitting alone in a simple tent.

She was a female after all, and the nation’s princess too; there was no reason for her to sleep in the same tent as those men.

However, her meals were the same as those of normal soldiers. Ning Shu wasn’t picky and ate the meal of coarse cornbread mixed in vegetable and meat soup without complaint. After all, she would only have the strength to fight if her stomach remained full.

Still, this situation was quite something. For the sake of completing the task, she actually had to don armor and go on the battlefield. Ning Shu’s heart pounded with anxiety even now.

As for the little gray ball, it had been depressed ever since it left the capital and kept giving Ning Shu sullen looks. Even after Ning Shu gave half of her food to the little gray ball, it still sat with its butt facing her and gazed up towards the sky sadly.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu was speechless. What exactly was this little thing doing? It really missed Li Wen this much? The little gray ball seemed much more human-like than before.

After Ning Shu finished eating, she got some water in order to wash up. However, it wasn’t easy. It was to be expected, there was no way it’d be easy for a woman to wash up in the middle of a bunch of men.

What surprised her was the fact that someone actually bumped into her tent in the middle of the night. It seemed to be intentional, and it wasn’t just one person that did it either.

Ning Shu smiled coldly. As expected, women were always in disadvantageous positions. If anything ended up happening to her, they would just say that she had died in battle. She felt that the best course of action was to punish one of them as an example. Otherwise lusty people with more guts would show up in the future.

These people didn’t go too far though, probably because they were worried about the fact that Ning Shu was a princess. In addition, most of these people were still only middle-ranking military officers without that much power. Ning Shu vowed to definitely make them choke on their own bloody teeth one day.

During the march the next day, Duan Xinghui came up beside Ning Shu by horseback and asked her, “Princess, are you alright?”

From the start Ning Shu was in a bad mood, so when she heard this question, she felt that Duan Xinghui was taking Schadenfreude in her situation and replied coldly, “Guard Duan, why, did you expect this general not to be alright?”

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