QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0115

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Chapter 115: Fulfill Your Dream Of Creating A Golden Age

Men with power and purpose had unsurpassable charm. In this moment, as thousands focused their gazes upon him, Li Wen became the world’s center. Even Duan Xinghui, this male lead, became inferior in front of Li Wen.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ning Shu saw that Duan Xinghui was looking at the Emperor in dazed awe and envy.

Li Wen roused the soldiers’ spirits with a passionate speech until they cheered, eager to leap onto the battlefield right now.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. She hadn’t expected for Li Wen, who was usually taciturn, to be capable of galvanizing people to the point that they would face death so enthusiastically.

She could tell that Li Wen was serious about punishing North Mongolia. Just the cost of army provisions for a two-hundred thousand troop army was shockingly high, but he invested it for the sake of teaching those North Mongolian bandits a lesson.

As Li Wen gave his resounding speech, the tempo of the drums gradually sped up and mixed with the soldiers’ cheers until the entire capital vibrated with this sound.

“Jiahui.” Li Wen beckoned Ning Shu. She immediately jumped off the horse and walked to Li Wen. Kneeling down on one knee, she cupped her fist and shouted, “This sister-subject greets Imperial Older Brother!”

Li Wen put the little gray ball on Ning Shu’s shoulder. As Ning Shu looked towards him in surprise, Li Wen folded his hands behind his back and said, “This little guy is very sensitive towards danger. We’ve tried feeding it a poisoned cake but it refused to eat for the life of it. When we tried to throw it into a pit of snakes, it immediately scampered off.”

Ning Shu: Pfff…

“Let it go with you, it’ll probably be useful.” Li Wen reached out and gave her a hard clap on the shoulder. It was seriously really hard; her shoulder slanted from the force. “Come back alive.”

Ning Shu’s nose stung and she almost cried. This was probably the original host’s emotions. Even Ning Shu could sense that though Li Wen seemed very cold, he still harbored sibling affection towards the original host.

Her voice was a little nasally as she said, “En. Imperial Older Brother, make sure to take good care of yourself as well. One’s health is everything. One can only achieve a lot if one has good health. Only then will you be able to fulfill your dream of creating a golden age.”

Li Wen’s expression was a bit complicated as he said, “Go now.”

The little gray ball squeaked nonstop and hastily jumped back onto Li Wen. It was clear it didn’t want to part with Li Wen as it clung onto Li Wen’s clothing with its tiny claws and squeaked continuously.

Ning Shu was speechless. Li Wen had tormented it that way, but it actually didn’t want to leave?

She became annoyed and walked over to grab the little gray ball. The little gray ball continued squeaking even in Ning Shu’s hand. That sound was so mournful those who heard felt sympathetic heartache and those who saw would cry.

As the troops headed towards the gates, Ning Shu rode on horseback and looked at the citizens and family members that had come to send the army off. They were crying as they gaze towards the soldiers with worry and hope.

It was very solemn and stirring. Seeing this, Ning Shu was starting to understand why Li Wen wished to build a peaceful golden age for the common people.

It was just that this golden age would require continuous struggle and would be established on top of the blood and bones of the dead.

It was of course in hopes that there would be peace, security, and happiness.

Ning Shu spotted Er Ya, Yuan Dong, and Madame Duan in the crowd. Yuan Dong had a lot of pearl ornaments in her hair and looked like the image of a wealthy married woman. However, she looked very depressed. Duan Xinghui had probably only paid attention to his true love and left Yuan Dong to wilt.

Duan Xinghui had also spotted his mother and the person he loved in the crowd. However, for some reason, he felt the urge to first glance towards Ning Shu.

When he found that her expression was indifferent and unconcerned, he inwardly sighed in relief even as his heart filled with indescribable disappointment and bitterness.

It can only be said that things one couldn’t obtain were viewed as precious. In the original storyline, when Jiahui insisted on being together with Duan Xinghui, Duan Xinghui had loathed her as if she was dog skin plaster that wouldn’t come off.

Now that she wasn’t paying attention to him, Duan Xinghui felt frustrated and started acting unreasonable.

If Ning Shu found out, she would only lift a middle finger and remark that the word ‘scum’ wasn’t enough to describe him.

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