QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0110

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Chapter 110: Banquet for the North Mongolian Delegation

Ning Shu felt weak with relief the moment she made it out of the imperial study. Her back was covered with cold sweat, but the worry pressing on her heart was finally gone.

When she got back to Orchid Garden Palace, she ate a little, then lay down on the bed and fell asleep. She remained asleep until Miao Qing woke her up and told her there was a banquet for the North Mongolian delegation.

Ning Shu took off her equestrian clothing and put on the luxurious princess garments that she hadn’t worn for a long time. Her hair was full of inserted head ornaments and her outfit was much more complicated than usual with countless layers and long sleeves. Ning Shu wasn’t used to it and felt as if her neck was going to be crushed by the things on her head.

Miao Qing wanted to go with Ning Shu, but how could Ning Shu allow that? There was no way she would allow Miao Qing to see Li Wen; her plan was to make Miao Qing die from withdrawal after all.

As Miao Qing watched with deeply hidden resentment, Ning Shu headed towards the banquet hall.

The hall was brightly lit and music filled every corner. The mix was enchanting and formed an ostentatious show of pleasure that caused people to lose themselves.

When Ning Shu walked in, the atmosphere within the hall became serious for a moment. Everyone looked towards her. Inwardly, Ning Shu was cursing. These men were enjoying themselves, celebrating the peace they had used a woman to exchange. Were they still men!?

“Jiahui, come over here.” Li Wen lifted his hand and beckoned Ning Shu.

Ning Shu ignored the second prince’s intense gaze and walked to Li Wen. After curtsying to him, she sat down in her spot.

He Lianying’s gaze followed her relentlessly and pricked her like a nail, making her very uncomfortable.

What the frick are you looking at? Ning Shu shot He Lianying a glare, only to be stunned. She hadn’t paid attention earlier when she was fighting this guy, but this guy really looked quite coarse and wild. His hair was loose and fell freely over his shoulders, and his collar was slightly open. On his neck was a necklace probably made from wolf fangs and he had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His skin was bronze. From head to toe, he gave off a wild unruliness and strong masculinity.

He was completely different from the men of Great Yong who all aimed to be elegant and graceful.

Tsk. But no matter how good he looked, it couldn’t conceal his crappy nature. He was cruel and ruthless. This type of men was the worst nightmare of women.

When the second prince noticed that Ning Shu was examining him, he shot her a grin. His eyes were filled with the determination to obtain her and he practically felt his blood boil when she started sizing him up with a cold gaze.

This barbarous focus and anticipation was just like that of a wild wolf that had discovered prey.

She was wearing different clothing. The clothing from before made her look valiant and gave her a cold aura of sternness. Her current gorgeous garment complimented her cold expression and emphasized her pride and respected status.

He Lianying suddenly smiled. His white teeth glinted with snow-white light, making the people that saw the grin feel a chill.

He lifted his wine cup and toasted in Ning Shu’s direction as he looked at her with a scorchingly bright gaze. Ning Shu sneered, then turned her head away, acting as if she didn’t see his toast.

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21 thoughts on “QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0110

  1. This male lead wannabe son of a gun. With his satisfied glances and deep voice, his narrow waist and opened collar. Shame all it’s earning him is nausea! Yeah honey, the drooping flower pines for love but the heartless brook babbles on. Youv’e got bad karma from a previous life to deal with and your not getting with our girl.
    Thanks for the chapter.

      1. That’s because in the original princess Jiahui has a bad reputation ( she’s known as husband stealer/the third wheel in the ML and FL relationship) that’s why the second prince is disgusted with her…
        In this lifetime he might be different… as long as he doesn’t do bad things… but who know…
        I kinda ship them though?

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