QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0107

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Chapter 107: It’s The Second Prince

Once the second prince left, Ning Shu packed up a little and prepared to move back into the palace. She didn’t freaking believe that the second prince would dare to try anything in the imperial palace. Moreover, there was Li Wen overseeing the imperial palace. Even if the second prince was given ten times the guts, he still wouldn’t dare to flaunt around in front of Li Wen.

So, after all that work, she still ended up having to return to the palace.

Ning Shu got on the carriage and started heading towards the imperial palace. She didn’t know why, but she was a little uneasy. It couldn’t be denied that the original host’s bone-deep fear was influencing her a little. She felt the urge to rush over to Li Wen and shake the exact details of the peace marriage out of him.

Originally she thought that this task was pretty simple. However, Duan Xinghui and Er Ya’s nonsense really didn’t count as anything in comparison to this political deal that involved the entire nation. It turned out that the most important part of this task was to not be married off.

As Ning Shu was musing over these matters, the carriage abruptly stopped as the horse cried out. Inside the carriage, Ning Shu hastily grabbed onto the wooden frame and steadied herself before asking, “What happened?”

“P… Princess, someone seemed to have taken control of the horse,” said the driver, trembling with fear.

Ning Shu had a bad premonition. Biting her lip, she pushed aside the door curtain and saw that a man was pulling on the horse reins, forcing the horse to stop.

When Ning Shu saw this man, she didn’t feel anything. However, her body started involuntarily trembling from fear.

It’s the second prince.

Fuck. Ning Shu gritted her teeth and forcefully suppressed those turbulent emotions as she pulled off her whip and swung it towards that man. However, the second prince actually managed to dodge Ning Shu’s attack. With a leap and a whirl, he landed on the back of the carriage horse’s back and looked towards Ning Shu with shock.

Ning Shu’s heart sank. The second prince had actually been able to dodge her whip. Due to all the time she spent practicing, she had already gotten very familiar with using the whip and her movements were very quick, that was why she had managed to hit Duan Xinghui twice. The fact that this man had been able to dodge meant that he was a lot stronger than Duan Xinghui.

“You’re Princess Jiahui. Why did you attack me the moment you saw me?” The second prince examined Ning Shu with a sharp and frank gaze, then satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

Ning Shu’s body started trembling uncontrollably when the second prince looked over. This was the body’s reflexive feeling of dread. This body feared this man.

“Do you know who I am?” The second prince asked Ning Shu. His voice was very low and was slightly sensual. However, it only served to make Ning Shu feel goosebumps as if a snake was slithering over her.

Ning Shu gave a cold humph without speaking, then swung her whip again. She was worried that her trembling voice would be revealed the moment she spoke.

The second prince dodged again, then narrowed his eyes at Ning Shu as he berated, “This prince is speaking to you, why aren’t you answering? Are you Princess Jiahui or not?”

Fuck! How can this man be so strong? Ning Shu bit her lip. She had to win against the fear this body held towards this person in order to completely seize control over this body. At the same time, she wondered when she would be able to suppress the emotions of the original host within tasks.

Ning Shu took a deep breath, then gave a shout as she jumped off the carriage to attack the second prince. Gritting her teeth, she used all her strength to swing the whip. The whip emitted a shrill whistle as it cut through the air.

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  1. karma police, arrest this man … and get him whipped and ripped into pieces for what he’d done to the original host!
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Douche hijacks the horse to a lady’s carriage. Douche asks why lady attacks him. Wow… just wow.

    Princess should have grounds to have the rogue arrested hmm? Also, does she not have guards?

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