QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0102

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Chapter 102: It Was No Good, No Good

Ning Shu took down the whip from her waist. She had already whipped the male lead, so what would it feel like to whip the female lead? Oh no, how did she become so violent? It was no good, no good.

When Duan Xinghui saw the princess reach for her whip, he immediately recalled the feel of the whip; it hurt as if his veins were breaking. Even now, just the sight of this whip made Duan Xinghui’s arm hurt.

He hastily ran over, picked up Er Ya who was kneeling on the ground, and dodged to the side to avoid Ning Shu’s whip.

Ning Shu calmly retrieved her whip. She had noticed from the start that Duan Xinghui was in the crowd. Tsk tsk. To allow his woman to kneel and plea for a favor while he hid to the side, Duan Xinghui’s moral quality was really something ah.

Ning Shu really didn’t know what part of this Duan Xinghui was worth the original host’s attachment. It was probably that the original host had felt unwilling to accept this situation so anger caused her to insist on snatching this man over. Things were only precious if there existed people that desired them and the same applied to humans.

If a person really looked, he would find that Duan Xinghui wasn’t a good person at all.

Er Ya stared at Duan Xinghui in astonishment for a moment, then tears started spilling out. Under everyone’s watch, she clung onto Duan Xinghui due to uncontrollable relief.

“This common citizen greets Princes Jiahui.” Duan Xinghui shielded Er Ya and saluted towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu gave an ‘en’ without saying anything. She simply stayed where she was above the steps and looking down at Duan Xinghui.

This position made Duan Xinghui feel very uncomfortable. Although he knew that Princess Jiahui really didn’t have feelings for him anymore, the way she was acting was seriously making him feel really vexed. In the past, Princess Jiahui would never show any disdain towards him like this.

“Princess, this matter has nothing to do with Er Ya, so what need is there to be so cruel? Er Ya is a woman, how could she withstand Princess’s whip?” As Duan Xinghui spoke, his tone gradually became filled with blame.

Ning Shu pressed her lips together for a moment before abruptly giving a laugh. “Audacious! By this are you blaming this princess? Duan Xinghui, you had better look after your woman well, else you guys can all pack up and get out of this capital. This princess will definitely make it so that you won’t be able to continue staying in the capital. If there’s another next time…” Ning Shu pointed at them with her whip. “I’ll whip your faces until they’re unrecognizable!”

“You really think this old lady… ahem, this princess’s residence is a food market? To come here everyday to cause a ruckus?” As Ning Shu spoke, she swung her whip and hit Duan Xinghui on his shoulder.

Duan Xinghui gave a muffled groan and his face immediately turned deathly pale. Er Ya was stunned to the point she blanked out. She saw Duan Xinghui stumble, then fall to a kneel and screamed before shouting, “Dear, Dear…”

Er Ya’s eyes now contained fear as she looked at Ning Shu. Her dark face instantly turned pale and looked much prettier.

Duan Xinghui covered the injury with his hand. His earlier injury had just healed, yet now he had gotten whipped again. He looked up. When he saw that Ning Shu’s expression was cold and annoyed, his heart trembled a little. Only now was he truly coming to realize that Princess Jiahui wasn’t the gentle and considerate person he had known anymore; she was filled from head to toe with the dignity and pride of an imperial family member.

The gaze with which she looked at him now was unconcerned and cold. His heart suddenly hurt a little. Something that wasn’t treasured before, once lost, would make a person feel uncomfortable and angry. Why would the princess become like this?

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  1. I really loathe this shit, Im so glad shes giving him a severe bashing, he has the gall to feel wronged? lol that shithead, seriously what kind of brain does he have? if the roles were reversed he would kill the woman who cheated on him with another you can bet on it, he blames everyone but his own stupid self for his own actions lol, I want Er Ya to leave his pathetic ass, find someone else less stupid and useless.

  2. “Only now was he truly coming to realize that Princess Jiahui wasn’t the gentle and considerate person he had known anymore; she was filled from head to toe with the dignity and pride of an imperial family member.”
    Little slow on the uptake there aren’tcha, Xinghui?

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