QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0099

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Chapter 99: What Does That Have to Do With Me?

“This princess’s maid has deep feelings for you and as her master, this princess seriously cannot ignore this maid’s heart. For better or for worse, she has served this princess for many years after all. This princess hopes that you’ll treat this maid well.”

As Ning Shu spoke, she saw Duan Xinghui’s stern expression crack to reveal disbelief. Even Madame Duan was looking at Ning Shu strangely.

“Princess?” Yuan Dong was delighted and apprehensive at the same time. She was delighted to have a chance to be with General Duan, but she was apprehensive because of the princess’s attitude, and the fact that the princess knew of her secret desires. In brief, Yuan Dong’s feelings were very mixed.

“This servant doesn’t want to leave Princess. Princess, please don’t chase this servant away.” Yuan Dong knelt in front of Ning Shu, making it seem as if their servant and master bond was very deep.

However, the act would only work if Ning Shu was willing to play along.

Ning Shu simply said in a mild tone, “You’re now someone of the Duan Residence. Serve the Duan family well.”

In the end, Yuan Dong kowtowed to Ning Shu helplessly, then went to stand beside Duan Xinghui.

“Princess, forgive this worthless commoner for not being able to accept. This worthless commoner already has a true love and cannot accept anyone else.” At this point in time, Duan Xinghui had already forgotten about the injury on his arm and cupped his fist as he bowed to Ning Shu.

Ning Shu seemed unconcerned. “What does you having a true love have to do with this princess?”

Duan Xinghui: …

Duan Xinghui found that, for some unknown reason, it was really hard to communicate with Princess Jiahui now.

Ning Shu turned and returned her residence, paying no more mind to these people.

In the end, Duan Xinghui had no choice but to accept Yuan Dong and slip back to the Duan Residence with Madame Duan.

When the three got to the residence, Er Ya was standing at the entrance waiting. She was wearing a brightly-colored silk garment that made her skin seem even darker in contrast. It was like the way a leopard wearing crown prince garments would only look foolish rather than like an actual crown prince.

Yuan Dong’s eyes filled with deep disdain and contempt when she saw Er Ya. When Er Ya met Yuan Dong’s gaze, she felt a surge of embarrassment. She turned and ran back into the residence, crying as she went, and failed to even notice the injury on Duan Xinghui’s arm.

Her woman’s intuition allowed her to sense Yuan Dong’s hostility towards her and also made her feel similar animosity and wariness towards Yuan Dong.

When Duan Xinghui saw that the woman he loved was hurt, he hastily chased after her with reckless abandon. He acted very hot-headedly, like a teenage brat.

“Xinghui ah! Your injury!” shouted Madame Duan after Duan Xinghui. The two people looked as if they were playing tag in the Duan Residence, making Madame Duan’s head hurt.

“General…” When Yuan Dong saw that Duan Xinghui had chased after that village girl without a thought, she was shocked and envious. Why that ugly wretch? Why!?

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  1. Smart girl, she has put someone without any loyalty to the family but only to the man, the seeds sown today will reap a bountiful harvest of revenge lol

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