QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0094

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Chapter 94: The Princess Was No Longer the Same as Before

Madame Duan’s face burned from the verbal slaps. The son who she took the utmost pride in had been described in such a terrible way, but she could not refute because the person was a princess, the princess of the Great Yong dynasty.

Ning Shu saw that Madame Duan looked about to puke blood and her lips hooked up into a smile. She humphed to express her disdain, then continued, “I heard that General Duan, ah, look at this memory of mine, Duan Xinghui isn’t a general anymore, he’s just a common citizen. I heard that Duan Xinghui had even brought a woman along while leading a march. From the looks of it, he really likes this woman ah. Congratulations, Madame, for obtaining such a fine daughter-in-law.”

Ning Shu couldn’t conceal the disdain in her tone as she spoke.

Madame Duan’s face contorted. As she took in Ning Shu’s indifferent expression, she inwardly vomited blood. Her son was outstanding, how was a village girl a match for him?

In addition, she could sense that the princess’s tone contained no trace of friendly regard when she talked about Duan Xinghui.

Now Madame Duan was truly panicking. Without the princess, how was her son supposed to climb back up again? Could it be that he really had to be a common citizen for the rest of his life?

Madame Duan’s heart was practically bleeding. She put aside her dignity and started pleading for leniency, “Princess, can you please take into consideration our past friendship and give Xinghui a chance to prove himself again and make up for his crime with achievements?”

“Make up for his crime with achievements? The soldiers at the border can’t afford to have a person like this ruin things again,” said Ning Shu without a trace of politeness. “This princess is tired. Yuan Dong, see the person off.”

Ning Shu left right after she finished speaking. Behind her, Madame Duan’s face was pale as ash. She left the Princess Residence helplessly and fainted upon reaching her residence.

Duan Xinghui hugged his unconscious mother with a serious expression as he questioned the maid next to Madame Duan. “What happened to my mother?”

Duan Xinghui’s gaze was filled with murderous intent so it caused the maid to tremble. “Madame headed over to see the princess in order to plea for leniency for you, General.”

General? How was he a general anymore? Duan Xinghui had been able to guess that Madame Duan had gone to ask Princess Jiahui for help. He didn’t approve of this, since he viewed this action as taking the initiative to ask for more humiliation. At the same time, he also believed that there was no way he’d be helpless just because he didn’t have Princess Jiahui’s support.

Duan Xinghui’s facial color was extremely bad. He was angry at Princess Jiahui, and also blamed her. As he touched the hilt of the blade at his waist, his face was filled with rash murderous intent. Why did Princess Jiahui treat his mother this way!?

Duan Xinghui turned around and was about to head out when a weak voice called out to stop him. “Stop.”

“Mom, this child will go get justice for you.” Duan Xinghui felt that no matter how much Princess Jiahui hated him, she still shouldn’t have been disrespectful towards his mother.

“Stop right there! Have you gone crazy? You want to go get justice like this?” Madame Duan was extremely anxious and had no idea what to do. The princess was no longer the same as before, she couldn’t exploit her by manipulating her emotions anymore.

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