QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0092

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Chapter 92: Madame Duan

When Madame Duan woke up, she had to drink two bowls of cold lotus seed gruel to suppress her anger. Immediately afterwards, she said, “Head to the Princess Residence, to the Princess Residence!”

Ning Shu had no idea what happened at Duan Residence. At this current moment, she was practicing how to use a whip. Ever since she finished learning the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, she had been searching for a compatible weapon. If she didn’t have a weapon, all her strength was useless.

In the end, Ning Shu chose the whip because it was very agile and also inflicted damage pretty well.

She was currently wielding a black whip that gave off a cold sheen. The whip would glit and make a sharp hiss when she swung it. Ning Shu swung the whip and it struck a rock in the rock garden, leaving a deep gorge in it.

She retrieved the whip, feeling quite satisfied with this result. This whip was a gift from Li Wen an she heard that it was made from cold iron and covered with barbs. Using this on a person would immediately take off a chunk of mangled flesh; it was quite a cruel weapon. As expected of a product produced by the imperial family, it was truly impressive.

“Princess, Madame Duan has come to visit you,” said Yuan Dong as she curtsied towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu lifted her eyebrows, then suddenly smiled as she tied the whip to her waist and asked mildly, “How long has she been here?”

Yuan Dong answered respectfully, “Replying Princess, she has been waiting for almost two hours.”

It seemed she was here for something important then, seeing as she had actually waited for two hours. Ning Shu wiped off her sweat and headed over to see Madame Duan in order to find out why she was here.

Ning Shu walked into the lounge and looked towards Madame Duan who was sitting on a chair. Madame Duan was wearing a brocade garment with embroidered peacocks and red clouds ornamented with pearls. Her hair was also full of pearls and jade ornaments. She had taken good care of her skin, so she gave off the luxurious and natural grace of an upper-class woman.

Madame Duan’s expression contained impatience and blame. When she saw Ning Shu, she hastily stood up and curtsied towards Ning Shu. “This subject pays her respects to Princess.”

Ning Shu didn’t immediately tell Madame Duan to get up and instead walked around her to the chair and sat down. She took a sip of tea before saying mildly, “You may rise. Speak, why have you come to seek out this princess?”

Madame Duan’s words were stifled by Ning Shu’s attitude. She was hit by all sorts of emotions but couldn’t voice them. Madame Duan sized Ning Shu up and saw that she was wearing casual clothing with her hair tied up in a high ponytail and that a whip that glited with cold light hung from her waist. Her exquisite features were made more aloof with her indifferent expression and her eyes were as cold and as clear as stars. If it was said that, before, Princess Jiahui was the magnificent phoenix that soared through the Ninth Heaven, the current princess was like the Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven, incomparably cold and poised.

>Article about the diety ‘the Mysterious Lady.’<

Madame Duan started feeling exasperated again. Why did her son fall for that village girl instead of a woman that had such high status and was also inherently outstanding like this? She seriously could not understand her son.

“This subject has come specially to visit Princess. These are walnut pastries that this subject personally made.” Madame Duan gestured towards the maid behind her and the maid immediately brought the food box over.

Yuan Dong looked towards Ning Shu. When she saw that Ning Shu didn’t react in any way, she stepped up to take the box.

Ning Shu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In the original storyline, Madame Duan had never once made any pastries for Princess Jiahui, and Princess Jiahui had respected Madame Duan like she was her own grandmother. Yet Madame Duan had made use of Princess Jiahui to defeat Er Ya.

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10 thoughts on “QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0092

    1. This to be honest. I was just rereading the arc and saw something I missed and skimmed over the first time through. The ML personally lost the war that required princess to be married off! Not on purpose to scheme or anything, Purely out of incompetence.
      This man thinks he got his position on the basis of his talent, and lost it because of princess’ scheme.
      Thanks to Kaho for the chapter.

      1. The first battle was incompetence, but the second that made the princess be married off to the enemy he didn’t even attend…….. their happy forever was probably quite shorty….

        1. No, really he was directly responsible for the loss of the war to the Huns.

          From ch. 64;
          It had clearly been Duan Xinghui’s fault that the war situation reversed. If it weren’t for the fact that he wanted to make thoughtless large moves in order to show off, he wouldn’t have fallen for a scheme that people of the Central Plain viewed as nothing but crude. Now they wanted her to get married so they could have a happy life together?

          Yep this is the level of tactical skill we’re dealing with here.

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