QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0089

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Chapter 89: So Much For the Innate Domineering Aura of a Main Character

From the looks of it, staying on Li Wen’s side and not getting involved with Duan Xinghui had been the right path to take. She was a genius!

Ning Shu curtsied towards Li Wen and said firmly, “This subject-sister no longer has any feelings for Duan Xinghui and will not have any relationship with him again. This subject-sister will definitely uphold the imperial family’s dignity.”

Li Wen peered at Ning Shu before nodding. “It’s good that you understand. From this incident, it could be seen that Duan Xinghui isn’t a very good man. He is clearly ignoring the customs of the generals in bringing a woman while leading a march.”

Ning Shu expressed her agreement. “Imperial Older Brother, you’re right. You’re very right!”

Li Wen smiled slightly, then said, “You can head back.”

As Ning Shu bowed and was about to retreat, a little gray ball jumped out from her collar and flew speedily towards Li Wen.

Ning Shu almost wet her pants from fright. This little thing’s claws were very sharp. If it injured Li Wen, she wouldn’t be able to compensate for it even with ten lives. At that time, there would be no need to worry about being betrothed, she would head directly to the execution grounds.

“Imperial Older Brother, DOO…dge,” cried Ning Shu reflexively. In the end, the scene in front of her stifled her words and made her super depressed.

The little gray ball was affectionately rubbing itself against Li Wen’s face while hugging his ear with its claws.

Ning Shu became even more depressed. She gave this guy good food, good drinks, and shelter. Yet in the end, it instantly forgot about all of that when it saw Li Wen. She had thought that her innate domineering aura of a main character had finally been released, that she had managed to get an amazing pet.

But it turned out she was still just a fudging cannon fodder supporting lead. This kind of event had nothing to do with her.

Ning Shu’s eyes filled with distress as she looked towards the little gray ball.

Li Wen’s face was filled with surprise as he pulled the little thing off his face to look at it. A pair of little, glossy, black-bean eyes sparkled as they looked towards him.

“What is this?” Li Wen put the little gray ball on the table as he asked mildly.

Ning Shu curled her lips unhappily as she answered, “This is something this subject-sister found in Manor Garden. This subject-sister doesn’t know what it is either, it just eats a lot. It likes eating pastries.”

“Oh…” Li Wen raised his eyebrows as he picked up a pastry and gave it to the little gray ball. The little gray ball took the pastry and started munching on it happily. It looked very innocent and adorable.

“Alright, you can go back,” said Li Wen after the little gray ball finished eating.

Ning Shu gave an ‘en’ in reply, then walked up to grab the little gray ball in preparation to scram.

Jiji…” The little gray ball jumped onto Li Wen’s shoulder as it squeaked noisily at Ning Shu. It grabbed onto Li Wen’s collar tightly.

Ning Shu: …

What the fuck!? All the pastries she gave couldn’t compare to one pastry from Li Wen? Fuck! How could there be such a disparity between two people.

“Imperial Older Brother, since the little gray ball likes you, then this subject-sister will have to trouble you to look after it,” said Ning Su with a bright smile. “When Imperial Older Brother gets tired of reading through memorials, you can tease this thing a little. Just treat it as a present from this subject-sister.”

“Then, many thanks, Jiahui.” The corners of Li Wen’s lips hooked up.

“Not at all, not at all.” Ning Shu forced a grin uncomfortably. She shot the little gray ball a glare, then left the Imperial Study.

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