QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0085

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Chapter 85: For the Sake of Cake

Hence, this unfamiliar creature became a frequent visitor of Manor Garden. It always ran off right after it finished eating, but when it wanted to eat it would jump onto the table and start squeaking noisily.

Ning Shu guessed that this thing was a mutated mouse. This thing was seriously unbelievable though, it made people’s balls want to break. It was such a little thing, yet it ate so much.

There was no way she would be able to keep raising this little thing. Ning Shu went to the forest to stroll around again. If she still couldn’t find it, she’d have to head back to her residence. It was about time for Duan Xinghui to come back with Er Ya.

It was part of the tasks to deal with this matter. Ning Shu sighed.

She used a tree branch to push aside the brambles and underbrush as she carefully inspected the ground. Sweet potatoes like the dark so this forest should be an environment that sweet potatoes liked a lot.

Jiji, jiji…” The gray furball kept following Ning Shu while noisily squeaking.

Ning Shu bent over to examine the ground as she asked the gray furball, “For better or for worse you’re a native of this place. Do you know if there’s something called sweet potatoes?”


“It’s not called jiji, it’s called sweet potatoes…”

Just as Ning Shu was about to give up, she finally saw a plant that had leaves similar to those of a sweet potato plant. She carefully dug out the roots. There was a sweet potato with bright red skin that was about the size of a carrot attached to the root.

Although it wasn’t very big, Ning Shu was still very excited to have discovered it. She could practically see the completion of the task and the time when she would be able to leave this world.

Actually, Ning Shu enjoyed living this different kind of life a lot. It was just that the longer she stayed in the world, the more worn out her soul would become and it would eventually cause her soul to disappear.

Ning Shu put the sweet potato – roots, vines and all – into her sack. She used the branch to move more leaves aside and searched in the surroundings. Soon, she found another one. This meant that there were probably more nearby.

As she had expected, she found quite a few sweet potato plants scattered around nearby. She didn’t plan to dig up all of these plants, she just took a few back to experiment with.

Jiji…” The little gray ball followed Ning Shu out of the forest.

When Ning Shu got back to Manor Garden, she immediately called for the manager and tenant farmers to establish a customized field for experimental usage. Sweet potatoes were plants that reproduce asexually. Even if you did something like cutting its vine apart with scissors, if you stuck the cut vine in the soil it would still be able to continue growing.

However, it was on the premise that the soil was loose. Ning Shu told the tenant farmers what little she knew, then stood nearby to watch until the job was complete.

Ning Shu stayed in Manor Garden a few more days until she made sure that the sweet potatoes seemed to be adjusting well. She repeatedly exhorted the manager to carefully look after this field no matter what.

Ning Shu still felt a little worried, so she pulled Li Wen’s name out and said, “His Majesty wants these things, so you guys must look after them carefully. If you do well, there will naturally be a reward.”

When the manager heard that it was something His Majesty wanted, his expression became conspicuously more serious.

After that, Ning Shu left again with an entourage. What made Ning Shu rather speechless was the fact that the little gray ball actually followed her.

Ning Shu didn’t feel at all that this little thing was following her because it liked her; it was completely just for the sake of cake. Well, since it wanted to follow, she’ll just let it. She’ll just treat it as a pet that liked to eat a lot.

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  1. Well she accomplished her agricultural goals. Now it’s just a matter of time before the lives of the citizenry are improved and her brothers favor is (even more) secured.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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