QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0084

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Chapter 84: Like Master, Like Pet?

All she saw was something furry and gray that was the size of a fist run towards the sack. The furball was about the size of a man’s fist and nothing like eyes or a nose could be made out.

This little thing poked around in the rations sack. It probably couldn’t figure out how to get out, because with a few sharp  rips, it tore the sack into shreds.

When Ning Shu saw this, her hair rose up on end again. Weren’t those claws a little too amazing? Her guts must have grown wings earlier, for her to actually dare to lure it by placing a dessert in her palm. She was seriously grateful that it had been merciful with its claws earlier.

The rations and sweets were quickly polished off by that little thing. It was clearly just a tiny thing, yet it had been able to eat so much.

It was definitely some strange existence. Ning Shu immediately decided to slip off. This little guy clearly wasn’t something that should be provoked.

Right after Ning Shu decided she wanted to run, she saw that little guy look towards her. It had stood up straight, but still just looked like a furry ball.

Ning Shu expressed that she seriously liked fluffy furry things too much, but this little guy wasn’t some cuddly toy.

“Don’t follow me anymore. I’ve given you everything I have on me.” Ning Shu jumped down from the tree and patted down her entire body to show that she wasn’t lying.

The little gray ball squeaked a few times, then in the blink of an eye appeared in front of Ning Shu. It stood up straight and exposed its sharp claws. Its body was only the size of a man’s fist so its claws were also very small. However, its claws turned out to be very dark in color and glinted like black iron.

Ning Shu was alarmed to the point she was sweating. Her face twitched as she smiled towards the little guy. “I really don’t have any more.”

That little gray ball stared at Ning Shu with its black bean eyes. Its eyes were glowing slightly. Ning Shu was very speechless. What kind of situation was this? She was stuck in a dilemma due to some little unknown creature?

Someone save me ah. Ning Shu and this little thing stared at each other for a long while, then that little gray ball squeaked at Ning Shu again.

Ning Shu: …

I really can’t understand what you’re trying to say ah, hon.

Ning Shu thought for a moment. From the looks of it, this little guy liked eating cake and stuff. Thus, she said, “How about this? You let me go and I’ll go get some pastries for you?”

Ning Shu felt like she had gone crazy. She was negotiating with an animal? Seriously.

That little gray ball looked at Ning Shu, then slowly grabbed onto Ning Shu’s clothes and slowly climbed up. When it got onto Ning Shu’s shoulder, it sat down like it had been tired out.

Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as she twisted her head to look at the little thing. Could it be that it wanted to go with her?

Aiy, then she’ll just treat it as raising a pet. Ning Shu quickly ran towards Manor Garden. Lord ah, her heart couldn’t calm down even now.

When she got back to Manor Garden, she immediately had Yuan Dong carry over all sorts of desserts so that the little gray ball could eat its fill.

Yuan Dong was surprised to see the little gray ball. Then she saw that the little gray ball was eating extremely fast. In just a few moments, several plates of pastries were gone.

Her jaw practically dropped to the ground. Yuan Dong couldn’t help but ask, “Princess, what is this thing?”

Ning Shu didn’t know what this damned thing was either. She sighed. She hadn’t found any wild sweet potatoes and ended up finding such a glutton of a thing. She didn’t even know what species this little gray ball was.

Blue Heavens above ah, great earth ah, why was it so hard to curry favor with Li Wen, this emperor?

Ning Shu looked with a suffering expression towards the unmoving little gray ball on the table. It had probably eaten too much.

Ning Shu still felt a little unwilling to accept it and decided to walk through the forest one more time tomorrow. If she seriously couldn’t find it, she’d give up. After all, there might be no potatoes because the soil here wasn’t suitable for potatoes to grow.

However, what should she do with this little thing? Should she take advantage of this time while it was too full to move to throw it out?

Jiji… jiji…” The little gray ball on the table that was lying stiffly like a corpse suddenly started squeaking.

Ning Shu was a bit surprised. This little guy had pretty sharp senses towards humans. Ning Shu smiled. She’ll just give this thing to Li Wen as a present.

#comment: Yuan Dong must have thought that ‘oh, this gray ball and Princess are of the same species.’ Also, the Chinese onomatopoeia for squeak is actually ‘zizi’ which is pronounced in a way that can’t be easily described in English. Check out the beginning of this video if you want to know. It also doesn’t seem like a squeak to me. ‘Jiji’ pronounced pretty much like the like ‘g’ twice, seems more like a squeak to me so after deliberating for a while I decided to use that.

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  1. And so Ning Shu continued her sweet potato quest, not knowing what other cuddly horrors might await her in the forest near her villa.
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