QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0083

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Chapter 83: A Much More Passionate Gaze

Ning Shu didn’t know what bit her and she started feeling a bit of fear towards this forest. She strode quickly through the forest in order to get back to Manor Garden.

She was starting to feel a little ill-at-ease now. Something seemed to be watching her relentlessly, causing all the hair on her body to stick up on end.

The fudge? It couldn’t be a ghost, right? Was her luck bad to the point that she had ended up encountering a ghost in the middle of the day, or was it some wild animal?

Ning Shu turned around to examine the surroundings but didn’t see anything. All that could be heard was the mournful trill of birds which caused the forest to seem almost sinister.

God ah, it was too scary! Ning Shu started running frantically, but she couldn’t shake off that strange feeling.

She ran for an unknown amount of time, until she was so tired she couldn’t even lift her arms anymore, yet the goosebumps on her body were still persistently staying.

Ning Shu got annoyed now. What exactly was it? If it had the guts, it should just show itself instead of leaving hints and hiding. Could it be that it insisted on making someone suffer before killing the person?

Ning Shu decided to just sit down on the branch of a tree and looked around again. However, she still didn’t see anything.

Fuck, it couldn’t be that she had really encountered a ghost, right?

Ning Shu recalled what happened earlier. She had been bitten by something – there were still two little teeth marks on her finger – and her rations were stolen. Could it be the thing that had stolen her rations?

Ning Shu silently took out a piece of chestnut cake from her bag and concentrated all her attention to observe the surroundings.

She was very tense. All she could hear was the sound of leaves rustling, then something gray flew towards her. The thing moved so fast that Ning Shu didn’t even have a chance to get a good look at what it was before the cake in her hand disappeared.

Ning Shu rubbed her eyes, then looked at her empty hand again. She even moved around to check the ground. It really was gone.

What exactly was that? It was too fast, all she had seen was a gray blur. However, since it needed to eat, then it probably wasn’t a ghost.

Ning Shu was still very cautious though. Since this thing can move that fast, it would probably be easy for it to injure her.

Previously, Ning Shu had felt that her speed had become pretty fast after learning the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, but now when it was compared to this unknown thing’s speed, it turned out to be seriously nothing to brag about. Ning Shu felt like her self-esteem had suffered a hit.

She hastily retreated. Since the route of starting a large-scale program to improve the citizens’ welfare didn’t seem possible, Ning Shu decided to go with a different strategy. In any case, she knew martial arts now so she might as well go fight in war in order to help the country.

As Ning Shu thought about all of this, she was at the same time running quickly through the forest.

But… But, your damned sister ah! How much longer did it freaking planned to follow her ah!? Ning Shu’s heart was filled with curses since this time, not only was the thing still following her, it was even staring at her with a much more passionate gaze.

Without even thinking, she pulled off the rations sack attached at her waist and threw it behind her.

Then she heard sounds of squeaks. It almost sounded like a mouse, but also seemed a little like a fox. She couldn’t tell what it was clearly.

She stepped on the trunk of the tree and ascended it, then lay low on the branch and watched the rations sack.

#comment: In Chinese, using ‘other people’s relatives is a common way to curse. I’ll just add damned in front of it when it’s a curse in order to make it more intuitive to read.

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