QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0082

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Chapter 82: A Princess, Actually Had to Farm

Ning Shu became immersed in frantic practice and pushed all other affairs aside. The current Ning Shu was no longer a glutton, and her body had started changing in a strange way.

A weak energy now flowed through her body. This energy felt comfortably warm as it traveled through her body and strengthened it, filling it with vitality.

Her mind felt clear in a way it had never felt before, her thoughts were calm, and she was filled with the feeling that the world was beautiful.

It was a very magical feeling. Ning Shu rubbed her arm and found that though her skin was still satiny and smooth, it was now filled with energy. Luckily it hadn’t changed to piece after piece of muscle.

Having successfully accomplished a great feat, Ning Shu felt great triumph. Following that, she led a whole entourage of servants to the imperial family’s Manor Garden, which was the original host’s Manor Garden.

The imperial family’s Manor Garden was very large and inside were orchards, farm grounds, and all sorts of vegetation.

Ning Shu already had a plan. Of the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter, and transportation – food was placed at the very top. She didn’t know if this world had any crops like sweet potatoes or normal potatoes that were high-yielding and resistant to drought, not to mention very filling. If any natural disasters occured, crops like that could save lives.

Ning Shu strolled around the entire Manor Garden but was disappointed to find that nothing like what she had in mind was here. She sought out the manager of Manor Garden and asked him about it, but he also replied that there wasn’t anything like that.

Haa. This wasn’t logical. There have been remnants of sweet potatoes in recorded human history since 2000 BC, yet this world actually still didn’t have sweet potatoes?

>The origin and domestication of sweet potato is thought to be in either Central America or South America. In Central America, sweet potatoes were domesticated at least 5,000 years ago. In South America, Peruvian sweet potato remnants dating as far back as 8000 BC have been found.<

Could it be that the people in this world still haven’t discovered these hunger-allaying foodstuffs? Ning Shu expressed that it was seriously tiring to be a princess. Even though she was a princess, she actually had to go farm.

Ning Shu entered the forest by herself in order to try and see if there was anything like wild potatoes or sweet potatoes around.

The forest in Manor Garden was very gloomy and cold. Over the many years, the ground had accumulated a thick layer of leaves that had ants and flying bugs crawling all over.

Ning Shu used a branch to push aside the brambles and underbrush as she examined the ground for potato vines.

The further into the forest she went, the more dense the concentration of trees became. Their leaves were also very thick and made it so that the sky wasn’t even visible. The leaves sealed this space up tightly, and there were fumes that filled the air.

Ning Shu didn’t really dare to continue walking forward any further. These fumes were probably toxic gas released by the fermenting withered leaves.

Ning Shu spent the entire day strolling around the forest. When she got hungry, she caught a rabbit to roast and eat. It made Ning Shu rather happy when she found that she really had become a lot nimbler. It had barely taken any effort to catch the rabbit.

After eating a little, Ning Shu continued wandering around. There wasn’t much harvest, but she did find a few small wild pepper plants. She carefully dug one up and brought it back.

When she got back, she prepared to personally transplant it in the courtyard. When Yuan Dong saw, she spoke in a slightly anxious tone, “Princess, why don’t you let this servant do it?”

In reality, Ning Shu didn’t know much about farming either, but she had lived in the internet age of information explosion, so she knew a little. However, Manor Garden had plenty of managers and tenant farmers who probably had more farming knowledge than she did, so it would probably be better to leave it to them.

The next day, Ning Shu continued wandering around in the forest. She didn’t have much hope, but she just wasn’t willing to give up. Why wasn’t there even some wild sweet potatoes? This wasn’t logical.

After walking around for half the day, Ning Shu still didn’t find anything. Sitting down on the branch of a tree, she took out her rations and started eating while gazing into the distance. All around were trees, enveloped in white-colored fumes.

It felt very mysterious.

Ning Shu had dazed out when she suddenly felt a stab of pain come from her hand. She looked down and found that two little red dots had emerged on her finger, and the rations on her hand were gone. Gone ah, crap.

Ning Shu was alarmed. What had she gotten bitten by? She hadn’t seen anything at all. She hastily squeezed her finger since she didn’t know if the bite was poisonous.

She squeezed for a good while but all the blood that came out was red and showed no signs of containing poison. Good God, this place was too dangerous, she should hurry and get out of here. Sweet potatoes have probably been censored in this world; this world probably doesn’t have that plant at all?

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  1. The first thought that come to me : “Is that the ml (of this world) and then I realize ‘ is there amy ml that steal food and bitten her hands?’ Probably some fluffy animal
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  2. Its a fox. A very quick witted fox. Either that, erm…or… a white tiger furball… a magical baby bat… its…its… Pikachuuuu..

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  5. >Her mind felt clear in a way it had never felt before, her thoughts were calm, and she was filled with the feeling that the world was beautiful.< My thoughts: drugs! The green fairy doing it's works XD

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