QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0081

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Chapter 81: Rumors of a Fatty Princess

After getting the Unsurpassable Martial Arts manual, Ning Shu started to ‘neglect sleep and forget about food’ to practice. Of course, it wasn’t actually possible to forget about food. She had to eat way too much every day so it was impossible to forget even if she wanted to.

Yuan Dong would look at Ning Shu with a perplexed expression every time Ning Shu ate. Every single time, Princess would eat until her stomach bulged, yet four hours later her stomach would be flat again. It was shocking to see every time.

Yuan Dong really wanted to urge the princess not to eat so much, but would for some reason she would feel intimidated every time she met the princess’s eyes. It was as if the thoughts she had buried in the deepest part of her heart were cut out and left in the open sunlight.

In the end, Yuan Dong didn’t bother to worry anymore. In any case, the princess was simply ruining her own body.

Afterwards, a strange rumor started to go around the Princess Residence. It said that the princess had gone mad from heartbreak. She refused to step out of the residence doors and gorged herself on food. Rumor was that Princess Jiahui had already become a huge fatty.

Even Li Wen who was in the Imperial Palace came to hear of this news. He immediately summoned NIng Shu to the palace. When he saw that Ning Shu hadn’t become a fatty, he actually sighed in relief.

Ning Shu didn’t mind those rumors at all, but when Li Wen stared at her without speaking her heart started pounding with fear. Finally, she couldn’t take the silence anymore and asked, “Imperial Older Brother, do you have any instructions for this subject-sister?”

Li Wen said mildly, “How do you feel about the Princess Residence?”

“It’s quite nice. The Princess Residence’s decoration is graceful and elegant; its environment is very suitable for recuperating,” replied Ning Shu respectfully.

“I hear that you’ve been eating a lot lately?” Li Wen’s tone was indifferent as he sized Ning Shu up again. “Eating and drinking excessively is not good for the body. Is it that you still cannot forget Duan Xinghui?”

Ning Shu hastily waved her hands in fear that if she delayed even a second, she would no longer have the chance to clear up this misunderstanding. “Imperial Older Brother, this subject-sister has recently gotten an ‘Unsurpassable Martial Arts’ manual and is currently practicing it, that’s why this subject-sister has been eating a lot more. People who practice martial arts naturally have to eat more.”

Shock appeared on Li Wen’s face. It was the first time Ning Shu saw any expression on Li Wen’s face.

“As long as you’re happy,” said Li Wen mildly. It was clear he didn’t believe that Ning Shu was practicing some unsurpassable martial arts.

“Really, Imperial Older Brother, this subject-sister really obtained ‘Unsurpassable Martial Arts.’” Ning Shu hastily took out the martial arts manual and placed it in front of Li Wen.

Li Wen glanced down. When he saw the words ‘Unsurpassable Martial Arts,’ he seemed a little speechless. He looked back at Ning Shu and said, “For this type of thing, it’s fine to just put it away after receiving it.”

“Imperial Older Brother, why don’t you try practicing this as well? This thing really works. It strengthens the body and prolongs life.” Ning Shu vigorously promoted it.

“Ding. Player has already converted the secret manual and does not have the right to pass it on to someone else.” The system’s cold mechanical voice suddenly appeared.

Ning Shu was given a shock. This manual didn’t belong to her anymore? The frick? Ning Shu could only force out a smile and say, “Imperial Older Brother, this manual might still contain some sort of danger so just let this subject-sister practice it first. That way if there’s any danger, this subject-sister can face it first.”

Li Wen looked at her with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, then gestured for her to withdraw. Ning Shu eagerly complied and left the palace.

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