QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0079

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Chapter 79: A Treasured Book?

The Princess Residence was very large with lots of pavilions and buildings, colored glass and glazed tiles, rock gardens and flowing water, and beautiful serene paths. It was truly quite nice. Ning Shu expressed that it felt very comfortable, like a vacation spot. It was great.

Chest after chest of items were carried into the Princess Residence. Though there had not been a master in the residence, it was kept very clean, and servants stood in neat lines waiting to welcome their master.

When Ning Shu got to her room and saw the layout, she was quite pleased with it.

En, from now on this was her home. It was much more comfortable than staying in the palace, and most importantly, she didn’t need to face Li Wen, whose thoughts seemed as mysterious and deep as the sea.

Yuan Dong looked at the decorations and layout of the room, and spoke as if complaining for Ning Shu. “Princess, this room is really small ah. It really can’t compare with the palace.”

Ning Shu simply glanced indifferently at her. “This was something Imperial Older Brother bestowed on this princess. This princess likes everything that Imperial Older Brother gives.”

Yuan Dong’s face paled when she realized how impudent her earlier words had been and hastily said, “Y-yes, His Majesty’s grace is vast.”

Ning Shu prepared to go take a look at the original host’s assets.

When she got to the storeroom, she saw that guards were currently moving the chests into the room. Yuan Dong immediately opened a chest for Ning Shu to inspect. This particular chest was filled with books.

Ning Shu picked one up and casually looked through it. She didn’t feel much interest. It was all traditional characters and even had to be read from left to right vertically; it was seriously tiring.

Wonder if there were any orphanages in the ancient era? It would be good to just donate all these books instead of leaving them here to simply take up storage room. She knew from the original host’s memories that the original host didn’t like to read much. At most, she would read some love stories about a gifted scholar and a beautiful lady, or some legends and supernatural myths. In short, she rarely read nonfiction.

Ning Shu also wasn’t very interested in these books and simply rummaged through them casually. At the bottom of the chest, she found a book that was turning yellow and smelled moldy.

Ning Shu’s heart leapt. This was probably something good. After all, it had been placed at the very bottom so the original host probably valued this book a great deal. Ning Shu excitedly took it out and gave it a shake. A burst of dust immediately filled the air.

Yuan Dong, who was at the side, coughed. When she saw that Ning Shu’s eyes were shining, she asked, “Princess, what is it?”

Ning Shu looked down to read the book’s name. It was just three large words: Unsurpassable Martial Arts.

Ning Shu: What the f-ing fuck?

Could it be anymore ridiculous? No wonder the original host put this book at the bottom of the chest and ignored it. The book had been nibbled by bugs and was completely damp.

Ning Shu flipped it open and saw that it really did contain figures showing meditation and martial arts motions. From the looks of it, the book was serious.

“Where did this book come from?” asked Ning Shu as she continued flipping through the book.

Yuan Dong walked over and glanced at it. After thinking for quite a while, she finally seemed to recall and said, “This was a gift from the administrator that governs Princess’s land in Taiyuan. He had heard that Princess liked to read so he sent it over.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu shook out the book and caused another burst of dust to fill the air. Although the name was a little ridiculous, she was very interested in things that might be able to increase her strength.

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