QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0078

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Chapter 78: Biggest Boss

Ning Shu wondered if Miao Qing would still be able to become Li Wen’s consort after being labeled as disloyal. She felt a great deal of schadenfreude. Miao Qing was a complete white-eyed wolf that bit the hand that fed her. After she became Li Wen’s consort, she added plenty of trouble to the original host’s plate.

“Jiahui ah, you must come back to the palace to visit Sister-in-Law.” The Empress reached out and took Ning Shu’s hands as she spoke. At the same time, she sized her up.

Today, Jiahui was wearing gold threaded tree peony brocade garments. Her hair was combed up into a very complicated and graceful hairstyle and completed with hair ornaments. On her feet, she was wearing embroidered shoes with inlaid pearls. Her outfit enhanced her imposing manner and also complimented her complexion, making her look like a consort from the Ninth Heaven. Even her imposing aura, the aura of the Empress, lost in comparison.

Ning Shu had dressed this way on purpose in order to let people know that she wasn’t slipping out of the palace. That way, when Duan Xinghui came back, people wouldn’t start saying that she had gone to the Princess Residence to recover from heartache.

The Empress’s hands tightened over Ning Shu’s as a trace of envy flashed through her eyes. Originally, she thought that Duan Xinghui’s death would make Jiahui suffer terribly. It was unexpected that she actually recovered this quickly.

The Empress made use of Jiahui, but at the same time, she was like the other women in the Inner Palace. Inwardly, she was jealous that Jiahui received special treatment from Li Wen. For example, right now, there were so many people here to see her off. What princess received such respectful treatment? Li Wen didn’t even treat his own daughters this way.

Ning Shu pulled her hands out of the Empress’s grasp and exchanged a few more words with her before curtsying towards Li Wen. “This sister-subject is leaving now. Imperial Older Brother must take care of yourself and be well.”

Li Wen said ‘en’ in reply before saying, “You should go.”

Ning Shu, helped by Yuan Dong, got onto the eight treasures carriage with an ornamented hood that was decorated with green jade and pearls. Little gold bells hung from the four corners of the carriage, making a clear-sounding tinkle whenever wind blew past. Two large robust horses were standing side-by-side and snorting as they stamped the ground.

Ning Shu sat down on the couch inside the carriage and inwardly sighed in relief. She has finally left the Imperial Palace. Then she closed her eyes to nap.

When Yuan Dong saw her master like this, she didn’t dare to speak and tactfully stood to the side, bowing slightly. She could sense that Master had treated Miao Qing and her much more distantly ever since she had woken up. The princess’s eyes now seemed capable of seeing through everything. Yuan Dong felt as if the princess now knew all of her most deeply hidden secrets.

The carriage became very quiet. Next to one’s ears was the melodious sound of the golden bells tinkling, mixed with the rhythmic sound of horse hooves. The carriage swayed lightly; it was extremely comfortable.

Ning Shu really ended up falling asleep in this gentle swaying. After an unknown period of time passed, Yuan Dong pushed Ning Shu gently. Ning Shu opened her eyes and Yuan Dong said in explanation, “Princess, we’ve arrived at the Princess Residence.”

Ning Shu said ‘en,’ then got off the carriage. She looked at the large vermilion doors, then upwards at the sign hung above it with the words ‘Princess Residence’ written in flamboyant cursive calligraphy.

These words were written by Li Wen when the Princess Residence had first finished construction. The sight of these words gave off a stern imposing aura like golden spears and steel horses; the imposing aura seemed strong enough to engulf the world. It was completely different from Li Wen’s usual cold and reserved aura.

Just from these words, one could tell that Li Wen did everything with careful thought. He would probably become a famous emperor remembered for his talents and strength. Ning Shu had a sudden realization. Since Li Wen was an Emperor who cared about his country, then to curry favor with him, she shouldn’t focus her attentions on him but set about her goal from the country’s citizens.

She was seriously so pitiful ah. She originally thought that this task would be simple, but now it turns out, it wasn’t freaking simple at all ah! Li Wen turned out to be the biggest boss that she had to deal with strategically.

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