QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0077

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Chapter 77: Labeled Disloyal

The next day, Ning Shu got up early in the morning. Miao Qing was currently helping comb her hair. Ning Shu looked in the mirror at Miao Qing and saw that Miao Qing seemed a little absent-minded and her eyes were swollen and red. Her eyes contained irrepressible panic and there was a hint of dark circles under her eyes.

From the looks of it, she didn’t sleep well last night. Ning Shu stoked her hair and said, “Help me put on the phoenix hairpin.”

“Princess, is it the golden white marble victorious plum blossom nine-tailed pheasant coiled dragon and four phoenix hairpin?”

>I have reason to believe that the author stuck about 3 names together…<

Ning Shu simply said ‘en.’ It was such a long name, how could she possibly remember it? Miao Qing immediately took out the phoenix hairpin from the jewelry box and inserted it into Ning Shu’s hair.

After sorting everything out, Ning Shu walked out of Orchid Garden Palace. She saw that there were about a dozen imperial guards carrying chests. These all contained items belonging to the original host. Everything in the palace had been packed up. There were too many things.

Miao Qing’s beautiful face was about to contort. How was she supposed to see His Majesty again after they left the palace?

Ning Shu turned back and glanced at her. She said mildly, “Miao Qing, you should just stay in Orchid Garden Palace and look after the palace.” The meaning was, have her look after the house.

Miao Qing’s face first filled with joy before it turned depressed again. Although she could now stay in the palace, it didn’t meant that she would be able to see the Emperor. Would the Emperor still visit the Orchid Garden Palace when the princess was no longer there?

Ning Shu didn’t bother to pay attention to Miao Qing’s complicated emotions and left Orchid Garden Palace with Yuan Dong. Yuan Dong turned back to look at Miao Qing who was leaning against the door and was struck by a feeling of desolace from the sight.

Ning Shu first went to say goodbye to Li Wen. The moment she got to the palace doors, she saw that Li Wen was already waiting. Next to Li Wen was the Empress, wearing the bright yellow gold silver luan and phoenix embroidered court dress. Behind them was a huge crowd of orioles and swallows. They were all here to see the princess off.

Ning Shu hastily walked over. It was rather scary to have an Emperor waiting on her, and even more so when it was Li Wen. When she got close, she curtsied towards Li Wen, “This sister-subject pays her respects to Imperial Older Brother.”

Li Wen said ‘en,’ then sized Ning Shu up. Following that, he glanced at the people behind her before asking, “You’ve already packed everything?”

“From the looks of it, you’ve managed to let it go?” Li Wen’s voice was indifferent. “You are our sister. You can be sad, but you can’t overdo it.”

Ning Shu replied ‘en.’ She suddenly understood. Li Wen was the Emperor. How could he allow his sister to be so hung up and heartbroken over a common subject? It damaged the imperial family’s prestige. The original host had probably already lost Li Wen’s favor and patience when she was grieving over Duan Xinghui, and she had even taken it so far that she harmed her own health.

The original host’s actions after Duan Xinghui came back probably caused Li Wen to be thoroughly disgusted with her.

In this way, they drifted apart as the original host disappointed Li Wen more and more. Ning Shu was shocked by this sudden realization. She met Li Wen’s gaze for a moment, then lowered her head and said, “This sister-subject is the princess of the great Yong dynasty. Duan Xinghui is nothing but a subject. This sister-subject has thought it through. Since the person has already passed away, this sister-subject should let it go and not disappoint Imperial Older Brother.”

Li Wen nodded. Noticing that there was only one maid with her, he asked, “Why is there only one person attending to you?”

In reality, Li Wen, this Emperor, treated the original host quite well. As long as the original host didn’t cross Li Wen’s bottom line, he was willing to give her face. For example, there was this scene right now. He had brought all the women from his Inner Palace to see her off. This was a sufficient show of honor.

Thinking to here, Ning Shu started having a favorable impression of Li Wen. Love was not the only thing in life, yet some people, for the sake of love, would give up everything and throw themselves towards it like a moth towards flame.

Ning Shu finally gave Li Wen a genuine smile as she said, “One girl wasn’t willing to leave the palace so this sister-subject decided to just let her stay in the palace.”

Li Wen was stunned for a moment to see Ning Shu’s smile. Then his eyes darkened a little as he said, “Such a disloyal servant, getting rid of her is a good choice.”

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