QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0071

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Chapter 71: Big Boss’s Younger Sister

Ning Shu recuperated for half a month and nursed herself very well. It was to the point that her face became white, plump, and rosy. She didn’t seem to be heartbroken at all.

The moment the consorts and concubines in the Inner Palace heard that Princess Jiahui had recovered, they all swarmed over to visit her.

Ning Shu massaged her head as she looked at the roomful of orioles and swallows. When a room was filled with beauties, the fragrances they applied all mixed together to create a smell so strong and intense that it made one’s head hurt.

These consorts all had different styles and temperaments. There were enchanting ones, lovely ones, innocent ones, aloof ones, gentle ones, virtuous ones… There were all types of women. Li Wen was sure lucky to have so many women – and they were beautiful to boot – waiting to get his affection.

Ning Shu understood that the only goal these consorts had in coming to Orchid Garden Palace was to see Li Wen. Although these consorts made a lot of effort to find conversational topics and ask about her health, they continuously glanced towards the entrance of the palace.

Ning Shu didn’t bother to expose them either. She had just come to this world and had to learn about the current situation within the palace. From the words these consorts spoke, she could figure out which consorts were favored and which ones weren’t. She could even determine from these consorts’ barbed words who held grudges against whom, and based on that, figure out the factions.

“The Emperor has arrived.” A very unpleasant and screechy voice came from outside. However, it was as pleasant as the drizzle of rain to the women in the room. Every single one of them livened up and looked towards the entrance with radiant smiles.

Li Wen walked into the palace. Ning Shu immediately sensed a chill. It was freaking cold ah.

“Your Majesty, may you forever be in good health.” The entire roomful of women curtsied towards Li Wen. Their movements were extremely lovely and charming and their voices were so tender water could be squeezed out. They faced Li Wen with their very best posture. Some bolder ones even tried to casually expose their well-rounded snowy bosom in a seemingly inadvertent way.

It was the stunning scene of a hundred flowers competing. Ning Shu was inwardly speechless as she looked at the roomful of beautiful women. Any one of these women, placed in the modern world, would be pursued by countless admirers, yet they were all stuck in this place to fight over a single man.

It was seriously a waste of resources.

Li Wen was indifferent towards the women in the room and simply said, “You may rise.”

A consort that was near Li Wen purposefully stumbled as she got up and tried to fall towards Li Wen’s chest. In the end, Li Wen side-stepped and that consort almost fell to the ground in a big faux pas.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched. This Emperor seriously had a terrible personality ah. What was so hard about supporting his own woman for a second? It was a woman that was fawning upon you, and it was even such a beautiful woman. If it was her, she would have been overcome with joy.

Li Wen didn’t even bother to glance at these consorts and turned straight to Ning Shu to ask mildly, “You look like you’ve recovered quite well?”

Ning Shu curtsied. “Many thanks for Imperial Older Brother’s concern. Jiahui is much better.”

Li Wen nodded, his expression still cold. “Even if Duan Xinghui is gone, there are still other good men in great Yong. You are our sister.”

Ning Shu automatically translated it. You’re this big boss’s younger sister, you can casually take your pick of any man in the world.

Ning Shu revealed a very sad expression that was at the same time touched as she said, “Thank you, Imperial Older Brother, for your concern. It’s just that Imperial Younger Sister doesn’t want to think about these things right now.”

Li Wen stared at Ning Shu with his sharp gaze. He scanned Ning Shu’s face, then nodded. After saying ‘en,’ he didn’t say anymore and simply sat on the chair awhile before leaving.

“The Emperor is departing…”  The grand eunuch, Eunuch Jiang, sang the suave and melodious call with his sharp voice.

#comment: This is barely related, but I recently discovered this funny song about an eunuch. If you have the time, I highly recommend checking it out in this order. Here’s the official music video for you to try and guess at the meanings if you don’t know fluent Chinese, then here’s a video of the translated lyrics. There’s some cultural references that you guys might not know about, so I also made a short post about it.

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  1. I have a soft spot for caring big brothers. It seems that in each world there would be that one male that could see through her. This time it’s the big bro.

  2. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    (Note to self: bring a noseplug when you go to a place with lots of womens gathering in one place)

  3. “the fragrances they applied all mixed together to create a smell so strong and intense that it made one’s head hurt.” I would die! I’m so sensitive to scented stuff, I end up coughing to the point I have to wait outside if my friends want to visit a scent shop.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    It feels like a filler though since nothing much happened.

    Lots of consorts visiting NingShu to meet the Emperor.
    Emperor comes to visit and consorts are fawning.
    Emperor is unimpressed and leaves after a few words.
    The end… of the chapter D:

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