QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0069

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Chapter 69: Miao Qing

When Li Wen heard Ning Shu’s euphemistic request for him to leave, he narrowed his dark eyes and said mildly, “We shall leave. You should look after your own health. Even if Duan Xinghui is gone, there are still other men.”

Li Wen had also said this in the storyline, but Princess Jiahui had responded with ‘there was only one Duan Xinghui in the world,’ angering Li Wen.

Of course, Ning Shu wouldn’t say that. If she ended up irritating Li Wen and he decided to marry her off to get rid of her, there wouldn’t even be a place left for her to cry.

Ning Shu allowed irrepressible sorrow to show on her face as she responded respectfully, “Imperial Older Brother, right now Jiahui’s head feels very chaotic. Right now, Jiahui doesn’t want to think about anything.”

Upon hearing this, Li Wen’s eyes narrowed slightly. For some reason, every time Ning Shu saw him narrow his eyes, she would feel her heart skip in panic. She was trying her best to mimic the original host’s expressions and habits. Could it be that her acting skill was that crappy?

Li Wen nodded and said, “If you need anything, I’ll have your Imperial Sister-in-Law send it over.” Then, he exhorted the two maids, “Serve the princess well.”

“Understood.” The two maids answered simultaneously. However, Miao Qing’s eyes stayed glued to Li Wen until he left Orchid Garden Palace. Ning Shu watched from the side, then shook her head.

The original host seriously hadn’t paid attention to her personal maids at all. She had no idea that one like her older brother and one liked her future husband.

How sad.

In the following days, Ning Shu calmly passed the time focusing on recovering. However, it was during these days that she truly experienced how pampered the original host was.

Consorts would come to visit every day. The amount of get well gifts that she received each day had to be counted by basketfuls. They were all generally rare and precious jewels. There were even some handkerchiefs that the consorts had personally embroidered and some shoes. In any case, there were all sorts of things.

Of course, Ning Shu didn’t meet those people. Her body hadn’t recovered yet, and there was no way she would push herself just to meet those people. After all, there were seriously too many women in the inner palace. She didn’t fucking know any of the orioles and swallows in His Majesty, the Emperor’s harem ah.

Ning Shu saw that Miao Qing and Yuan Dong didn’t seem surprised at this display at all. They even looked at these consorts with a bit of contempt. Ning Shu could infer from the fact that these two servants dared to look at ranked consorts with contempt how much the original host had probably looked down on these consorts.

“Princess, why not allow this servant to bring these things to the storehouse?” Miao Qing asked Ning Shu whiled glancing over to check her expression. After a brief hesitant pause, she said, “Princess, these people just want to use Princess in order to see His Majesty and use the affection that His Majesty has for Princess to obtain His Majesty’s affection.”

The original host and Ning Shu both knew this, did they need a maid to remind them every day? However, the original host actually thought that Miao Qing was a very good person. Ning Shu knew because this was how the original host’s heart was reacting.

Miao Qing liked Li Wen. Due to the original host, Miao Qing had a lot more chances to see the Emperor than most of the consorts and concubines in the Inner Palace.

The only reason Miao Qing was saying this was because she was annoyed and envied these consorts. Ning Shu simply glanced at her indifferently rather than echo agreement like the original host usually did. In the past, whenever the original host heard Miao Qing say something like this, she would become furious at the fact that these women were trying to use her.

When Miao Qing saw that the princess didn’t pay any attention to her, her heart sunk. She silently went to put the things into the storehouse.

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  1. Even if they weren’t sincere in there get well wishes, my sense of etiquette makes me dissapointed in the maid and princess that scorn the gifts to the point where they don’t even send out thankyou notes.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Can Li Wei really be the male lead? In this world, he’s her brother.. oh well ?
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